2011 Summer Motorcycle Gear Guide

Welcome to RevZilla's 2011 Warm Weather Gear Guides. In this range of guides you will see everything from our top picks in leather gear to the best race gauntlets and race boots all the way through our top picks for all-season all-weather ADV touring gear. We've compiled these guides to be as comprehensive as possible in helping you to find the right motorcycle gear for both your riding style and application by paring down the vast range of motorcycle gear that we carry down to a select group of top picks for 2011. We will be gradually rolling these out in the coming weeks so be sure to visit early and often to find out our top picks in all categories for this year!

RevZilla's Top Spring 2011 Picks - Released 4/12

2011 Warm Weather Textile Motorcycle Gear Guide - Released 3/29

2011 Motorcycle Race Suit & Leather Gear Guide - Released 3/22

2011 Motorcycle Glove Guide - Released 3/16

2011 Motorcycle Boot Guide - Released 3/11

2011 Warm Weather Ladies Motorcycle Gear Guide - Released 4/12

RevZilla's Top Spring 2011 Picks

RevZilla's Top Spring 2011 Gear Picks

Browse All New Motorcycle Gear

In this segment of our 2011 Warm Weather Gear Guides, we break down what we think is the best of what's new for Spring 2011. We cover a range of gear in this guide, everything from race suits to electronics to boots to gloves and anything in between. Almost all of this gear is brand new and just now shipping and what you'll see here is selected based on a variety of factors including performance, level of functionality and more. Also, it is broken down by segment as we tried to truly specialize our picks for the top Spring 2011 Motorcycle Gear.

2011 Warm Weather Textile Motorcycle Gear Guide

Touring & Commuting Gear Guide

Browse All Textile Motorcycle Jackets

In this 2011 Gear Guide, we take a look at our top picks for Warm Weather Long-Distance Touring and Commuting rides. Most of the gear is waterproof breathable, and it all features a high degree of protection required by the long-distance touring rider and commuter. Some combos here, like the Energy HV Jacket and Axis Pants from REV'IT!, are exclusively designed for the commuter, with hi-viz color schemes and easy in and out. Others, like the Olympia Moab Jacket and REV'IT! Sand combo, can easily crossover from long-distance touring to ADV touring through multiple seasons.

Mesh Gear Guide

Browse All Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

For our Warm Weather Mesh Motorcycle Gear Guide, our criteria were pretty clear. First and foremost, the gear needed to be primarily mesh in construction. Everything else comes second to the overwhelming amount of mesh. Keeping that in mind, you'll see a variety of gear, everything from commuter to sport to adventure to sport touring gear. It will all flow a ton of air, keep you cool and comfortable, and be protective in many riding scenarios. We tried to whittle down the vast amount of selections to just our top picks for this season, in the hope that getting yourself geared up becomes easier.

Sport Textile Gear Guide

Browse All Summer Motorcycle Gear

With the sportbike, streetfighter and naked bike rider in mind, we had to do a guide that focuses on Sport Textile gear. All pieces featured in this guide will offer a high degree of airflow and protection, but the focus here is ultimately the style and cut of the gear. There are a couple pieces for the Euro guy, with offerings from REV'IT! and Dainese, two choices for the sport and stunt focused rider from Icon, and a very versatile universally-styled combo from Alpinestars. Bottom line, if you're a sport rider looking for summer gear, we've narrowed it down to what we think is the best out there.

Adventure Gear Guide

Browse All Extreme ADV Motorcycle Gear

Our top picks for Warm Weather Adventure Gear for 2011 had to meet a few criteria. First, they had to be able to perform in the most rugged of on-road and off-road conditions in the most blistering summer heat. That means enormous amounts of airflow and breathability. Next, they had to be protective within these conditions. We're talking serious protection utilizing upgraded materials like Superfabric, extremely high denier materials, and upgraded armor like SaS-Tec. Two of these outfits will perform in all seasons, while the third is exclusively a high-performance hot weather option.

2011 Motorcycle Race Suit & Leather Gear Guide

Motorcycle Race Suit Guide

Browse All Motorcycle Race Suits

For our top race suit picks for 2011, we decided to break it out into three categories, the way we did with boots and race gauntlets. We started with mid-range race suits, which represent the most basic degree of protection and performance for track days. Next is the hardcore range of race suits. Here you find a higher degree of functionality, more advanced protective elements including external sliders. The upper echelon is pro-level suits, which you'll see the MotoGP pros wearing, albeit with custom fitment. These race suits offer the pinnacle of performance, protection and futuristic features.

Leather Jacket & Pants Guide

Browse All Leather Motorcycle Jackets

How could you do a Warm Weather Gear Guide series without including leather picks? For this season, we have something for everyone, from the aggressive street and stunt riders to the multi-season waterproof crossover riders all the way to the extremely technical track and race ready picks that form two-piece race suits. Top picks for street come from Scorpion, Icon and Alpinestars, while our true waterproof crossover combo (which is also one of our all-time bestsellers) comes from REV'IT! and lastly our highly technical track gear comes from Dainese, Alpinestars and REV'IT!.

2011 Motorcycle Glove Guides

Motorcycle Race Gauntlet Glove Guide

Browse All Motorcycle Race Gloves

For our top race gauntlet picks for 2011, we decided to break our motorcycle gloves out into three categories (similar to our Race Boot Guide above). We started with mid-range gloves, which represents the level of protection and functionality that we think is necessary to get you on the track. Next is the hardcore range of gloves, designed for the track day aficionado that doesn't miss a day on the tarmac. At the highest end are pro-level gloves, which you'll see the MotoGP pros rocking. These gloves represent the highest level of technicality, performance, protection and overall racing functionality. These are our top 9.

Touring & Adventure Glove Guide

Browse All Summer Motorcycle Gloves

In this range of gloves, we chose four of the most protective summer-weight gloves that will hold up in all weather conditions both on-road and off. Two of the gloves in the mix feature waterproof breathable membranes, one of which is Gore-Tex, but all of them feature a high degree of protection, be it from hard part protectors or intelligent molecular-level shock absorbing materials. There are dozens of gloves that qualify for this category, but these four represent what we thought were most unique and highest-performing.

Sport & Short Cuff Glove Guide

Browse All Short Cuff Motorcycle Gloves

In a category absolutely packed with nearly 150 choices, how do you pare it down to what best fits your application? Here, we focus on our top six picks for warm weather street and aggressive sport riding. With the exception of the REV'IT! Sand which is truly designed as a dualsport option, all of these gloves offer a varying degree of protection and performance. As we go up the range, technicality increases and coincides with advanced safety elements, such as the steel armor and pinky distortion control found in the Dainese 4 Stroke Gloves.

2011 Motorcycle Boot Guide

Motorcycle Race Boot Guide

Browse All Motorcycle Race Boots

With over 50 available motorcycle race boots within a vast price range at RevZilla, it can be a formidable task to choose the proper one for your application. In light of this and in order to reduce the daunting nature of finding the right motorcycle race boot for you, we broke down our top 10 favorites within the range. Our motorcycle boots are broken down into three categories: mid-level (get-you-on-the-track functionality), hardcore (for the serious track day enthusiast), and pro-level (the best boots, worn by pro racers). They are tiered according to technicality and price, and moving up the food chain you'll see higher levels of each.

Short Sport Boot & Riding Shoe Guide

Browse All Motorcycle Riding Shoes

In this range of boots, we put a great deal of focus on style knowing that the rider looking for a riding shoe or short sport boot is generally going to rock a pair of these under jeans. Again, in a field of over 50 choices, trimming it down to only a few can be arduous. In this guide, we scaled it back to our top six picks with each filling its own role within the category. From the work boot style of the Icon Super Duty 4 to the high-top sneaker vibe of the Shift Kicker to the sawed-off race boot style of the super-protective Dainese Dyno Shoes, these are our six favorite riding shoes and short boots in the lineup.

Touring & Commuting Boot Guide

Browse All Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

In a category that is loaded with choices, the search for the perfect waterproof long distance touring or commuting boot can be an obstacle-riddled path. What we’ve done with this guide is vastly reduced the number of choices, paring it down from 50+ boots to our top 5 picks. Our criteria here included style elements, so they could be worn under jeans at the office, and waterproof breathability, which is vital to all long distance touring and commuting motorcycle rides. All of these boots feature either Gore-Tex or proprietary waterproof breathable membranes to keep the elements out.

Adventure & Dualsport Boot Guide

Browse All Adventure Motorcycle Boots

These are the boots for the hardcore adventurer that tout extreme protective elements, all-day comfort, and waterproof breathability. We carry many different ADV boots, but here we prune the selections down to our top five picks within this category. In this range you see advanced entry systems like cam-lock buckles, extremely rugged soles, and coverage that extends high up the leg. It is mandatory that these boots perform in all-weather conditions both on-road and off so there is a great deal of technicality that goes into the construction of each of our top ADV boot picks.

2011 Warm Weather Ladies Motorcycle Gear Guide

Ladies Gear Guide

Browse All Women's Motorcycle Gear

These are the picks we hand-selected for all the female riders out there who are just as serious about their summer riding gear as the male contingent. In this guide, we broke it out by segment, so you'll see a wide range of gear suitable for an array of applications. There is the the brand new REV'IT! Ventura combo designed for adventuring, a Dainese combo built for the sporty tourer, Olympia's versatile long-distance touring option, and a straight-up street and stunt focused offering from Icon. This is the best of what we see for female riders for Summer 2011.