Sokrady C. Geek Bio

  • Riding Since: 2013
  • Current Bike: Suzuki SV650
  • Riding Style:  Street and hopefully track in my near future!
  • Most-Asked Question: Oh My God! For a tiny one, you ride!?

To be very honest, before I started riding I hated motorcycles. When I was a kid, I have seen plenty of motorcyclists without any gear or even a helmet, and the first thought that came to mind was “they are insane, they will kill themselves riding like that.” Growing up in the Olney area, I never understood the reason why riders love riding and putting their lives at risk. Then I met my boyfriend who works at RevZilla, he introduced me to the showroom crew and I was very astounded by the amount of protective gear that existed. Eventually I was fitted for gear and ready to ride as a passenger. After feeling safe and the exhilarating ride, I started to realize that riding a motorcycle isn’t as crazy as it looks. I started to work at RevZilla and built up the courage to take the MSF course and soon after I really fell head over heels in love with riding.

“I started to realize that riding a motorcycle isn't as crazy as it looks."

I eventually became a gear nerd and love learning new things about all of the new products. If it weren’t for riding I wouldn’t know what I would be more passionate about. Sure, it was harder at first only because I am 5’1” at 106 lbs., but that hasn’t stopped me yet. Especially after crashing a few times here and there. I love what I do at RevZilla and I love that I am able to embrace what I do with the people I work with. If it weren’t for motorcycles, I would be living a life without the fun of a motorcycle.

Favorite thing about working at RevZilla:
My favorite thing about working at RevZilla is that everyone is always willing to help and support each other.