Ryan S. Geek Bio

  • Nickname: Schultzy
  • Riding Since: 2011
  • Bikes: 2006 Suzuki SV650, 1981 Honda CB750C, 1977 Honda CB550K
  • Riding Style: Commuter, City, Sport Touring
  • Favorite Question: I want to buy a camera, what should I buy?

I am RevZillaTV’s cameraman. That's cameraman, Lemmy, cameraMAN. After spending some time in upstate New York as a video producer for a university, I decided to make the jump to Philadelphia and join TeamZilla. I spend most of my time tucked away in the deep, cavernous TV studio with Anthony, Lemmy, and Spurgeon shooting product reviews. If you stop into our showroom, you’ll likely see us through the studio window working hard to bring you the best gear and parts reviews the interwebs have to offer. When the weather shapes up, you might see me hanging off a motorcycle with my Steadicam or rigging up GoPros to feature new bikes or gear. As you can imagine, I geek out just about as much as anybody here, whether it 's the latest and greatest camera equipment, riding gear, or bike release. Besides riding and camera work, I love wrenching. After getting my first bike, I couldn’t help but pull it apart bolt by bolt and rebuild it to my fancy. Now, I’m addicted -- and I’m ok with that.

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla: Getting to combine my two passions, camera work and riding. Dream job status? Yeah. Be jealous.