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Ryan W.

Most Memorable Trip

Got caught in a bad thunderstorm in the mountains outside of Las Vegas - took shelter in a small cave, drank an emergency trailsoda, and seized my motor up on the ride home... then I learned how to rebuild a 4-stroke.

I'm Ryan, a semi-retired off-road racer from the backwoods of New Jersey. I grew up cruising local dirt roads on borrowed Honda mini-bikes with some friends, which eventually led down a long and dusty path of two-wheeled shenanigans. After racing a regional hare scramble series for five seasons, I took a brief hiatus to complete my Sport Management degree at Rutgers University, focusing on off-road motorcycle recreation and competition.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m back to shredding single track, burning through every gallon of gas with a smile. I recently relocated to our Las Vegas location, where I've been sending it into the desert as often as possible. Wherever I am, I’ll probably be talking about bikes.

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  • Nickname: R-Dub
  • Riding Style: Dirt, Street
  • Riding Since: 2001
  • Main Vehicle: 2015 Yamaha YZ250FX, 2017 Yamaha SCR950
  • Vehicle History: 2010 CRF250R, 2004 CRF250R, 2004 CR125R, 2000 CR125R, 2003 CRF230F, 1977 Honda XL125, 2001 XR100R, 2002 XR70R
  • Top Brands: Shoei, Gaerne, 100%


  • Height:


  • Shoe Size:


  • Chest Size:


  • Waist:


  • Inseam:


  • Head Shape:

    Intermediate Oval