RevZillaTV Original Videos

It all started with RevZilla's LA adventure early in 2010. We thought a little "mix-tape" of our trip exploints to LA couldn't hurt anything. From there the rabbit-hole just got deeper. Many times the vids we have put together have spawned from our adventures. It was not until the Spring of 2010, however, that we launched our own intentionally ridiculous RevZillaTV videos. Carbon Fiber March Madness Kicked it off, but once we did "Cinco de Moto" we knew there was no turning back.

Please find below a list of our original videos from most recent to oldest. You can leave any comments you want on Youtube. We always love feedback and hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed goofing off for the camera :-)



Armor Piercing Customer Service - RevZilla Core Value #62 - Dropped 5/21/2010


Cinco de Moto! May Savings at! - Dropped 5/10/2010


Shark Evoline Flash Sale! - Dropped 4/20/2010


RevZilla's "Pilgrims of April Savings" - April 2010 Deals - Dropped 4/15/2010


RevZilla's 2010 Carbon Fiber Madness Helmet Sale - Dropped 3/18 2010. This is where we made fun of Brian.


RevZilla Core Value #19: Lend a Helping Hand to Keyboard Cat - Dropped 2/26/2010


TeamZilla at the 2010 Indy Motorcycle Dealer Expo - Dropped 2/19/2010


RevZilla's 2010 Alpinestars Gear LA Adventure Preview at - Dropped 1/30/2010