REV'IT! Tour Socks Review

CK Zilla - ZLAmbassador


Socks are often forgotten in the litany of items that one ends up purchasing to ride a motorcycle. I would wager that part of this is due to the fact that most people are perfectly content with cotton socks, having not experienced anything better. Its like settling for Dial-Up speeds because you have never tried Fibre-Optic.

My entry into the REV'IT! sock world began last winter because my feet were cold. I do not ride with an insulated boot, so I needed some extra protection from the chill. While my feet did stay warmer, this was only the tip of the iceberg of discovery upon switching to a proper motorcycle sock.

REV'IT! socks are anatomically designed (they are even right and left specific), so that there is no bunching at the heel or arch of your foot. The material stretches rather than just laying, so the fit is almost custom to the shape of your foot.  In addition to the fit, the types of fabric used change based on the location on your foot, ankle or leg. Each portion serves a different purpose, whether it be heating, cooling, moisture-wicking, or simply support. The home run is that there is 0% cotton, we'll get into the importance of that in a minute.

So how does all this tech actually make me a better rider? Here are just a few examples:

  • The socks come up past my calf, so my boots fit better and do not chafe my legs.  I'm able to wear my boots more tightly while still being comfortable which gives me a better feel of the controls.
  • The elastic portion at the top of the sock keeps them in place so that they do not slide down my leg over time. 
  • The moisture wicking material keeps me dry, and the summer and winter versions keep me cool and warm accordingly.
  • The socks can be re-worn several times without retaining sweat or odor - I rotate two pair over the course of a week and ride almost every day.

In short, I never realized how much work my feet and ankles were doing to regulate heat and moisture inside my boot on their own. Cotton holds on to moisture, does not hold on to heat, doesn't ventilate, retains odor over time, and bunches up due to lack of stretch. Now that I've made the switch I can't go back. I've even been known to wear REV'IT! socks with normal shoes just to walk around in. Would you go back to dial-up?

Heed my warning! Your first pair of REV'IT! socks will not be your last. I started with one pair of winter tour and now own two pairs of winter tour and two pairs of summer tour, not to mention the several pair bought as gifts for friends. 

To be honest, $40 does seem like a lot to spend on a pair of socks. In fact, you've probably never spent half that much on a single pair. However, even if you ride every day, two pair of winter or summer tour socks should take you through at least two winter or summer seasons respectively. Buying multiples allows you to reduce the wear from wash cycles. Aside from the list of benefits to your riding experience, these socks last much longer than your average cotton foot condom.

In the end I would pose to you that a riding sock is not so much forgotten as it is undiscovered. With enough exposure, I expect the REV'IT! Tour Summer and REV'IT! Tour Winter socks to become a staple in any rider's gear.

-- Chris K.

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