Textile Cleaning
First and foremost, REV'IT! recommends never using a washing machine. The center agitator can easily cause serious damage to any textile garment, including the shell, seams and stitching, due to the wetness and continual pressure from the agitator.

For professional cleaning, we recommend Rainy Pass Repair, a company that specializes in care and repair of technical outdoor gear. Their services are used by major manufacturers such as BMW, REI, and REV'IT! (who utilizes their services for warranty repairs). You can visit their website here, email them at repair@rainypass.com or reach them via phone at 888-RIP-STOP (747-7867).

For basic cleaning, hand-washing is always the best. Remove all the components from the jacket (liners, armor), fill a bath or wash tub with lukewarm water, and use Nikwax Tech Wash along with a soft scrub brush to clean any soiling. The garment should then be hanged to dry and re-proofed with Nikwax for DWR (Durable Water Repellency) purposes.

Leather Gear, Boots & Gloves
The best way to clean your REV'IT! Leather Gear, Boots and Gloves is by using a leather cleaner such as Mothers Leather Cleaners. Any cleaner designed specifically for leather will clean it safely and thoroughly, without the harsh and damaging effects of traditional alkaline soaps.

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