A truly unique find in the world of camping, the Redverz Tent and their related gear give a new perspective on motorcycle camping. Kevin Muggleton, the man behind the Redverz brand, started as a National Geographic photographer and videographer and spent ten years traveling across the world on two wheels for various shoots and aricles. During one trip to Mali, he was forced to put the bulk of his gear outside of his small tent. When he awoke the next morning, all of his belongings left outside the tent had been stolen. Thus, the concept for Redverz Tents was born out of a desire to create something better for bike travel and big enough for a motorcyclist, the bike, and their gear.

The Series II Expedition Tent is the second generation of this design and can be set up in under five minutes after some practice. This second generation Redverz Tent was overhauled to include better poles, better fabric, better resistance to high winds, and more interior space without increasing weight. The entire Series II Tent can be packed down to just 21"x9"x9", weighing in at 13 lbs.

Redverz also specializes in dry bags, and the Series II Tent Accesories. The Redverz Series II Ground cloth protects the floor of your tent in rainy conditions or rough terrain, while the Series II Awning kit allows you to maximize your shade by extending a portion of the utility bay.

Redverz Tents & Gear

Redverz Atacama Expedition Tent
2 colors available
Redverz Dry Bag
$49.00 - $114.00
Redverz Awning Kit