Rania M.

  • Nickname: Harley Chic, Biker Chic, Philly
  • Riding since: 1999
  • Bikes: 1982 Yamaha 250 Exciter, 2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider
  • Riding style: Commuter, Long Distance Tourer, Weekend Rebel
  • Most-asked question: I'm sorry, what is your name again? Ryan?

I grew up under the terms that “girls/women aren’t supposed to ride.” My father used to ban my cousins from bringing over dirt bikes and homemade 50cc lawn mower bikes (the good ol’ days). I used to sneak rides in when I could, anyway. Finally, at the age of 21, I decided it was enough. I needed to buy a motorcycle. This was something that just had to happen. I grew up my whole life wanting to feel the wind in my hair, the wind on my skin, you know, that “feeling” that everyone always talks about.

I had no idea what type of bike I wanted or what was the best choice for me. Honestly, I really didn’t know how to ride either. My friend's father ended up finding a 1982 Yamaha 250 Exciter at a garage sale for $200. I went to look it. It was in perfect condition, it was blue, and I was in love! Not even 100 miles on that bike and it was garage kept all these years. My boyfriend at the time, Tim, rode it around the block to test it out for me and came back with a thumbs up.

"I sighed with relief and from that day on, my life was never the same!"

I have been riding now for over 14 years. I have traveled through most of the United States, as well as both Mexico and Canada, on my motorcycles. I enjoy going on daily and weekend rides, commuting to work, and taking at least one huge-mileage trip a year. Meaning at least 5,000 miles. I've got things to see and people to meet!

I am a proud member of the Harley-Davidson Owners Group, Ladies of Harley, American Motorcyclist Association and RockerFox MC. The latter is an all-women’s riding club, founded to help support women riders who had little support or encouragement in their lives. I spent the last couple years participating in and, eventually, co-hosting a weekly motorcycle chat group on Twitter called #MotoChat. I am a huge entrepreneur at heart and have started various companies in the last 10 years, such as; Mad Social Marketing, wiEscapeRoutes, 4MJ Incorporated and Petra Pizza & Pasta (soft spot for pizza). Just to represent for my alma mater, I am a very proud Arizona State University Sun Devil! Fear the fork, baby!!

Besides motorcycling, I love being outdoors and enjoying activities such as camping, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, biking, rock climbing and so much more. I hit the gym every day and work hard to eat right and not fit into that stereotypical Harley rider.

"I’m trying to bring sexy back!"

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla: Working with such a great group of folks who have a bulk of knowledge on what they ride and our common love for riding. I seriously love pulling into the parking lot and seeing so many bikes. It’s a great way to start the day!