Race Under Suits

Alpinestars Summer Tech Race Undersuit
$118.96 $139.95 Sale 15% Off!
Dainese D-Core Dry Suit
2 colors available
Dainese D-Core Women's Dry Suit
$97.46 $129.95 Sale 25% Off!
Spidi Rider Undersuit
$89.96 $129.90 - $129.95 Sale 31% Off!

Motorcycle under suits are crucial as any racer who has put on a leather racing suit more than once is sure to know. These under suits are great to have on the cold days to maintain your core temperature, but they also come in handy on hot and sticky days as well. Leather motorcycle gear can really start to stick to the skin when the temperatures start to get in that region of 80 degrees (F) and higher. A soft under suit between a rider's skin and the leather suit helps to keep air circulating and prevents the leather sticking to sweaty skin. These under suits effectively create a micro-climate, which creates an insulating air layer, which in turn maintains your body temperature, keeping your cool or warm depending on the season. These under suits also have moisture-wicking properties which draw perspiration away from the body to keep your skin dry and sweat-free.