Philip S.

  • Riding Since: 2009
  • Current Bike: 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
  • Next Bike(s): Ducati 899 Panigale, Ducati Hyper Motard, Honda XR 100, Some kind of Super moto, Track Bike
  • Riding style: Like a bat out of …. not really
  • Favorite question: What’s the best “_______”?

When I was kid my father had a motorcycle and he used to drop me off at school riding on the back. At the time it was fun, but sometimes it scared the heck out of me. Now I am searching for corners constantly, so I blame him. He had to get rid of his bike for a while, but riding on the back stuck with me and my brothers and eventually my little brother wanted to learn. So I came home from college one day and there was a little 250 cruiser sitting out front, that night we went to the parking lot and the rest is history. Now I look forward to the freedom and relaxation I get when I go out for a ride, whether its down the street, or all day long.

These days I am really looking forward to experiencing new styles of riding, dirt, track, supermoto, etc… because it is all a ton of fun and being on two wheels is great. I have been lucky enough to have friends and family with different machines who were trusting enough to let me take them out and ride, so I did not own my own bike until this year (2014), but I have been riding since 2009. In that time I have ridden every class of sportbike available, harleys, cruisers, naked bikes, and dual sports. Not once have I been disappointed, but I am definitely a Ducati nut and want a garage full of them.

Favorite thing about TeamZilla?:  Working with other like minded people who understand my passion and obsession at the same level (or more) for motorcycles and other extra curricular activities. Top that off with my desire to learn something new constantly and it is never a dull day.