Remember the last time you had a close call? We may not like to dwell on them, but these brushes with the unthinkable remind us we are small on the face of the mountain. Danger might be an inseparable part of the thrill of extreme sports, however, any experienced mountaineer will tell you the right equipment makes all the difference when a risky situation crosses that line and becomes life-or-death. The founders of Ortovox invented the first avalanche transceiver nearly 40 years ago - groundbreaking technology for avalanche rescue in its time. Today, Ortovox designs possibly the most advanced life-saving avalanche gear for mountain sports enthusiasts like you - those who are most alive when they freeride, and want to stay that way. Ortovox airbag system backpacks, transceivers, probes and shovels allow you to ride smart and prepared - minimal risk and maximum thrill. 


Ortovox Free Rider 24 ABS Backpack
3 colors available
Ortovox Probe
Ortovox Zoom+
Ortovox Haute Route 32 Backpack
2 colors available
Ortovox Powder Rider Backpack
2 colors available
Ortovox Tour 32+7 ABS Backpack
2 colors available
Ortovox Base ABS Backpack
2 colors available