RevZillaTV Original Video

Dear RevZilla Customer,

Here lies a collection of the more ridiculous videos RevZilla has produced over the years - in all their unapologetic splendor. They are spectagious. They are splendiferous. They are quite possibly some of the most fun we have had producing content for our own our customers' amusement. Please find the classics listed chronologically from newest to oldest. Some may not be as PC as they should be, but hey, we are not a huge sucky, boring company -  yet. We're getting away with it while we can. Bask in the low budget glory which can only be classified as RevZillaTV originals.

Enjoy the madness,


Armor Piercing Customer Service - Released 5/21/10

We went and shot guns with our new design intern Chris at Fort Dix's FBI training range. Even though we were obviously civilians they let us walk up to the tables and shoot automatic weapons at will. The footage got used in a creative way and we ended up with  Armor Piercing Customer Service. Core Value #62. The slow motion sweaty dude makes the video.

Cinco de Moto 2010 - Released 5/10/2010

This was the first of the overly elaborate low budget green-screen masterpieces featuring Eli our 82 year old landlord and a full wardrobe. You can't fault us for trying. If you take the time to watch this all of the way through you will find nuggets of hilarity abound. This is probably the most proud we have ever been of a video intro. We have been apologizing to the French for years over this.

Shark Evoline Flash Sale - Released 4/30/2010

Notice the bad lighting and the "yelling" sound over the lightning. Not the greatest video on our list. Continuing to test. Continuing to go for the gold. Iron sulfide baby.

Low Budget Pilgrims of Savings - Released 4/15/2010

So after the non-revolt of March's cheesy Carbon Fiber Madness, we decided to push the envelope into the realm of the "video intro" which would unknowlingly set the tone for future monthly deal / gear videos. At least at this point the video has a purpose - April Deals and New Gear - which can't be said about most of our previous works. This is also the first time you will hear the trademark RevZilla "growling" which seems to pop up as an audio "texture" when we're out of ideas. Also notice Joe in the child size medium pilgrims costume. 

Carbon Fiber Madness - Released 3/18/2010

This was our take on "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!". It was also our first shot at screwing around with after affects for no other reason but adding absurdity to the vid itself. 

RevZilla Does Keyboard Cat - released 2/26/2010

Not sure how we got away with this one. Aside from being completely absurd and feigning insensistivity to animals (this cat was not harmed) we just figured to hook our wagon to one of the bigger internet memes of the year, light the fuse and watch..... it ....sputter out with 400 views of hilarious sadness. Ahh the early days of RevZillaTV. 

TeamZilla Does Indy - Released 2/19/2010

Wow, another adventure video. (our video production guy hates these more than you can imagine) This time we're in Indianapolis. The best part of this whole trip was the "WTF" self-inking rubber stamp. Indy bathrooms, vendors faces & strippers (against their wishes) all ended up being branded with the RevZilla "WTF" that weekend. This was also the first point in RevZilla's history where enough travel was going on to allow us to reap the benefits for frequent flier upgrades. We also learned there are no upgrades on the little planes they make you take from Indy back to Philly. Sad days. We almost didn't make it home on this one either.

TeamZilla Does LA - Released 1/30/2010

Yes, the stupid adventure video. This may have been the first one. We've tried to curb them, but you will see a few more of these rear their heads as you go from A to Z. Nothing is more funny to just us, than watching Matt, Nick and Anthony run around different cities and cause a ruckus for no other reason than their own self-indulgence. This time it's the L.A. massacre. God bless Alpinestars for hosting us. We didn't make it back in 2011.