Announced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Bell Star Helmet with 360 fly Camera is a revolution in smart helmet technology. The integrated 360 degree 4K action camera integrated into the top of the helmet provides a unique ultra wide angle perspective to capture every aspect of your ride with stunning clarity. The Wi-Fi bluetooth enabled action camera connects to 360fly's proprietary app, allowing wearers of the new Bell Star to control their camera and select from a variety of shooting modes from 2880x2880 at 30 FPS to conventional 16x9  format. A built in GPS chipset allows geotagging while integrated barometer, altimeter and accelerometer provide a wealth of information as well as help stabilize and track each shot. To give riders unprecedented versatility, the 360 fly camera will be detachable, allowing users to mount the camera anywhere they like. 

Speculated features include AutoPilot Action Tracking that will follow the main subject (aka rider), Collision Avoidance Alert, Live Streaming and Highlight Reel that provides a 1-2 minute segment of video that contains the most action. The biggest advance is the compatibility with Virtual Reality devices. The 360 degree video provides the perfect platform for VR integration, pushing 360fly's mission to put the power to create immersive personal VR content into the hands of the consumer to the next level. 

Slated to hit the market at the end of 2016, the Bell Star Helmet with 360fly Camera still has a ways to go in regards to testing, but the giddy anticipation is already building as we contemplate what this means for the future of smart helmet technology.

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