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Motorcycle Air Cleaner, Filter & Intake Parts

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A compressed combustion chamber needs three ingredients to fire: Fuel, spark and air. The latter item is where motorcycle air cleaner and air filters come into play. Everything from poor performance to catastrophic damage can occur if dirty air filled with fine bits of crud enters the engine. Don’t fall into such an easily avoided mistake and score an air cleaner, filter and more intake parts right here at RevZilla! If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering what exactly does an air cleaner do for a motorcycle, read on to discover the advantages of this easy upgrade.

Style, Function & Purpose

There are many different types and styles of air cleaners that factor for bike design, desired style and fuel delivery method. A carbureted bike is heavily dependent upon a motorcycle air filter keeping debris out of the mix. Those with fuel injection can still benefit from having a clean stream of air, as running performance will still suffer. From here, it’s all about bike-specific fitment and what you stand to gain. Running highly exposed pod filters on a dirt bike instead of hidden away inside an air box: not the best idea. Installing an eye-catching, laser-cut aftermarket air cleaner on your V-Twin: a far better idea.

Breathe Easy with RevZilla

There’s no excuse for neglecting your air intake. You can work an inspection into every service interval and ensure there’s a steady stream of oxygen entering the engine. With reusable, high-grade air filters, you’re getting a product with longevity and that’s bang for the buck. While investigating new air cleaner options, do the same for the crank case with oil filters!