Moto Music Video Official Contest Rules

So if you have gotten this far. You probably think we are nuts. It's ok. We are. If you watched our Dio Video, you definitely think we're nuts. Again, it's ok. We're fine with it.

We just had so much fun making our tribute to our rock hero, we figured why not see if TeamZilla would do the same. Check out the official rules below. At the end of this the goal is to get some great moto-inspired videos CREATED by YOU.

What to Create: Create your own Moto Music Video at least 2 minutes long. We love Dio, so we chose Dio Music and a maniacal old guy. Pick your own music and feature whatever you want. BE CREATIVE! Bikes, Babes, Metal, Dirt, Sorcery as long as it has some element of Motorcycles in it. It can be dramatic, funny, serious or have a message. A soundtrack over helmet mounted riding footage isn't enough! The key to winning will be creativity. Also be sure to post your video to your favorite forum or blog as well as get your friends in on the action. We will take into account the "love" people leave you on your video by way of views and comments.

Where to Submit: Submit all created videos to as "Video Responses" to our Dio Metal God Video (located here). To submit a Video Response click in the "comments" box below our video on Youtube. You will then be able to click the "Attach a Video" link in blue on the right of the comments box. You must create a Youtube account to be able to submit your video. Also be sure to send us a quick email at with a link to your video to be sure it hits our radar.

Contest Duration: Submit your video on or after June 21st, 2010. The deadline for submission is August 3st 2010 at 11:59.59pm EST.

Misc: Multiple Video Submissions are welcomed! Remeber we are looking for creativity.

Winners: The winners will be announced and notified from RevZilla in early Spetember 2010.

Questions:  You can contact with any questions you may have about the rules. Contact with any technical issues with their site.

Prizes for the Winners:

First Place - 2010 Icon Metal God Leather Jacket and $500 in TeamZilla Cash to buy gear on

Second Place - $250 in TeamZilla Cash to buy gear on

Third Place - Any Icon Alliance SSR Helmet from RevZilla and a big hug.

All contest rules subject to change at any time at RevZilla's discretion.