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Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

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Unparalleled Airflow From Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Mesh motorcycle Jackets are designed to do two things extremely well - keep you cool in the hottest weather and keep you protected in case of a get off. The best mesh motorcycle jackets use a tighter mesh configuration versus a looser or larger weave pattern. In the event of a crash a tighter weave has a better likelihood of staying together and being abrasion resistant in a slide. One step up from normal mesh would be some of the newer forms of mesh, which have even greater technical capabilities. For instance, in Dainese and REV'IT! you can find a 3D mesh which creates additional space between the shell of the jacket and the body for enhanced airflow and better cooling. REV'IT!, also uses an upgraded type of mesh called Dynax in some of its higher end garments, which has the greatest protective qualities of any mesh. Mesh motorcycle jackets can be found in many different styles and price ranges, but in most cases the old adage "you get what you pay for" holds true.  For our opinions on the best mesh motorcycle jackets be sure to check out our Gear Guide today!

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