• Nicknames: Lemmy, Uncle Loomis, Sticky Jangles, Pangor, Groundhog Puma
  • Riding Since: 2001
  • Bikes: As my good friend Dr. Benway says, "Possession of a lone motorcycle is the mark of a motorcycling dilletante."
  • Most-asked question: "Is that bike safe?"

I am RevZilla's jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none. Mostly, I do hard-parts stuff around here - I wrench on some bikes, catalog some parts, and make the occasional video. I’ve been fixing bikes even before I started riding them. (My first bike was a non-running basket case.) I’ve worked in nearly every corner of the bike and auto repair industry, from dealerships to junkyards, moonlighting on my own and for indie shops in many capacities. I've wrenched, sold parts, and written service. At this point, my hands-on shop time is limited to my own shop and the ZLA garage, but the amount of work they generate is surprisingly high!

I’m a stereotypical biker: filthy and greasy all the time, usually seeking good times and adventures, with an unholy penchant for beer. I’ll ride 10 miles to go pick up parts, or a few hundred just to go eat something tasty in a new place. I commute 68.1 miles to RevZilla each day. I like to think of it as “adventure commuting”. Between the distance and the terrain the scenery is great, and old bikes have a way of making the most mundane rides interesting.

My favorite passenger is my beautiful bride, and my second-favorite is our son. On the rare occasions I’m able to spend some free time away from internal combustion contraptions, I like hunting, fishing, playing music (guitar, with a smattering of bass and harmonica), splitting wood, taking naps, and drinking beer. I’m a big fan of cookies. My kiddo and I also like watching football on Sundays.

If you ever think I can help you, call me and ask. I take genuine pleasure in helping folks keep their machines running.

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla: What kind of question is that? Motorcycles! Sincerely. All my colleagues have remarkably esoteric bikes. Having cut my teeth on Japanese and American streetbikes, it’s really interesting hearing my colleagues talk about other riding styles, and getting to see and touch the bikes and equipment that proponents of other disciplines use. Also, they feed us a lot here. I do love to eat.

Current gear: I spend my money on rusty antique parts. I still regularly use my first helmet, and my gloves are typically protecting me best from burns while I wrench roadside. This whole thing's not about me, it's about the bikes.