Lance O.

  • Riding since: Sheesh, like forever; see below
  • Current bikes: Kawasaki Versys set up for touring, Triumph Daytona 675, Triumph Speed Triple
  • Past bikes: The list is too long and insufficiently impresssive to show here
  • Riding style: Commuting, touring, the occasional track day; I generally ride off-road only if I blow a corner in a rural area
  • Favorite quote: "Look where you want to go." Words to live by, words to ride by.

I'm not sure about the exact year, but sometime after the earth's crust cooled enough to stop melting the tires, I started riding motorcycles, puttering around my parents' four acres in West Virginia. Having successfully kept it between the barbed wire fences, I survived to adulthood and went to work as a newspaper reporter in New York and Florida, took a year off to be a volunteer English teacher in Costa Rica, was a newspaper editor and columnist in Puerto Rico, then worked seven years as an editor at the American Motorcyclist Association. Not to mention quite a few years free-lancing as a writer, editor and translator (hablo español). In other words, I'm just a word guy.

Along the way, I amassed a riding career that you could be kind and call eclectic. I have never ridden the Dalton Highway on a BMW or Route 66 on a Harley, but I have ridden 600 miles non-stop around Lake Erie on a 125cc Suzuki in a charity race ride. I've never ridden Deal's Gap but I have ridden Losail International Circuit in Qatar. All of it was fun, except the crashing part and the knee surgery, so then I wrote a book about it called "The Ride So Far," which was published by Whitehorse Press. Now I'm doing the word guy thing for RevZilla. Should be fun.

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla: This is a smart group of people and there's an emphasis on quality and a desire to improve that is given a tremendous amount of lip service in the business world but rarely actually happens.