Chris K.

  • Nickname: "CK"
  • Riding Since: 2008
  • Bikes: '14 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone. Honda '07 VFR 800A (ABS. Ann Ed.), ‘06 Honda 919, ‘05 Suzuki GS 500F
  • Riding Style: Commuter, Valleyrunner, Sport-Touring
  • Favorite Question: "I'm thinking about buying [insert product here], do you know anything about motorcycles?"

Chris is a year-rounder who rides as much as possible (excluding ice) and especially enjoys some great twisty roads like those that are found in Delaware County and the Tri-State area (PA/DE/MD). Chris and his wife, Candice, occasionally take two wheels two-up for long weekends up and down the east coast, having traveled from Maine down to the Tail of the Dragon with plenty of ground covered in between.

An observant rider can avoid most incidents and can usually crash less than an equally observant driver. However, if riding is part of the daily routine, crashing will be a part of your life at some point. Chris's first two accidents were rather minor, but both were on days that he neglected to wear proper gear. These days were exceptions to the usual routine, but somehow the statistics were played in the wrong direction. Even though these mishaps were minor (low-sides at low speeds), Chris will always carry physical scars from these incidents. 

"The days that you talk yourself out of putting on safety apparel are always the days you end up needing it.”

In 2011, CK was unfortunate enough to encounter the classic "S.M.I.D.S.Y." (Sorry, mate, I didn't see you!) with an oncoming SUV trying to make a left turn. Due to full safety gear he was able to walk away with no more than a single bruise.

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla:  “If I have to pick just one reason, I guess I have to say it's the mesh of diversity and common ground.  There are so many different people here, from so many different walks of life, yet we all share a common goal around motorcycles and our passion to help, educate, and serve people.  Usually, when you stick a bunch of dissimilar people together and tell them to focus on the same task, it results in a lot of friction.  Instead, even though there are people here with vastly different tastes, philosophies, and fashions than me, I can't say that there is a single person I wouldn't enjoy hanging out with after work.”