Joel P.

  • Nicknames: The Joelercoaster, Joelius Caesar.
  • Riding since: 2009
  • Bikes: '13 Triumph Daytona 657R,  ‘08 Honda VFR800Fi Interceptor (R.I.P.), ‘77 Kawasaki KZ650B1 Cafe (past), '81 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim Bobber (past)
  • Riding style: Sport, commuting, errands, twisties in the valley, track days
  • Favorite question: “Does the guy in your videos work for RevZilla?"

I’ve always been passionate about things with motors. My grandpa had me watching NASCAR with him from an early age, and I started to enjoy the thrill of the race, though not necessarily the tumultuous number of left turns. I also enjoyed playing with Legos (duh) — usually vehicles of some sort — but the kits out of the box were never to my satisfaction. It had to be changed. It had to be modified. It had to be better. It had to be mine. This concept reflects most of my vehicular history. I just couldn’t keep well enough alone. When I was 19, I had a 2002 Mercury Cougar Zetec. One of the most aggressively styled and under-powered cars of its genre. That was my big-boy Lego set. Over the course of a few years, I transitioned it into my own. You guessed it: body kits, rims, suspension, other stuff that made it louder and brighter (though not necessarily faster). But it was mine and I loved it. I have since grown up from the gutless little four-banger boy-racer, but did not grow out of my thirst for tinkering.

My two-wheeled life was born in 2009 when I purchased my first motorbike. Similarly to my established automotive habits, my bikes never seem to escape a custom treatment, either. My first two bikes were el cheapo UJMs from the 70’s and 80’s: an ‘81 Yamaha XJ550J Maxim followed by a ‘77 Kawasaki KZ650B1. The Yammie turned into a bobberish flat tracker with a rat rod flair. You read that right. Basically, I just had too much fun with a cut-off wheel. The Kawa got a complete frame-off resto-mod to the tune of the café. It was very shadetree, but it was all my handiwork. In that respect, it was perfect.

After a while, I ditched the old patina for more modern refinements. Enter the 2008 Honda VFR800FI V-Tec in October, 2012. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before she got shod in Repsol livery fairings! It was an homage to the RC212V that was also an 800cc V4. I knew it wasn’t quite a full-tilt-boogie race bike, but I loved it and it made me feel like Stoner (with significantly less skills). Then I really got bit by the racing bug. An unfortunate mishap at NJMP Thunderbolt sealed the VFR's fate, and I promptly replaced it with a brand spankin' new Triumph Daytona 675R. Now that’s a proper bike. More Ohlins and Brembo than you can shake a stick at and it goes like stink! We’ll keep her relatively stock… for now.

"...more Ohlins and Brembo than you can shake a stick at and it goes like stink!"

Outside of motorcycling, I am a husband, homeowner, and musician. My instrument arsenal includes a Martin DRS1 Acoustic, Peavey Fury V Bass, Benge 190F Tenor Trombone (insert band-o joke here), and all-natural organic vocal chords. My wife and I volunteer with our church’s youth and children’s programs, as well as the music ministry.

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla: Our diverse backgrounds and experiences that we bring to the table, our energy, and our incredible group dynamic. These things, when combined, really create something special. The positive, energetic, and friendly atmosphere we create for ourselves encourages us to grow professionally and personally. This, in turn, positively affects the way we relate to each other and, more importantly, our customers.