Icon Fall 2012

Icon Fall 2012 Collection

Icon Urban Tank Bag
$80.00 - $100.00
2 colors available
Icon Optics Face Shield
$40.00 - $60.00
11 colors available
Icon Airmada Helmet - Solid
3 colors available
Icon Optics Pivot Kit
2 colors available
Icon 1000 El Bajo Boots
2 colors available
Icon Airmada Cheek Pads
2 colors available
Icon 1000 Hoodlux Softshell Jacket
$67.95 $99.00 Sale 31% Off!
Icon Defendant Hoody
$59.21 $75.00 Sale 21% Off!

Deep Inside the Icon Bunker Complex the plans are formulated for a multi-terrain future: high speed burns across desolate southwestern scrap yards, blurred neon lights through the heart of distant mega cities and impossible arcs into cresting dunes We are the motorcycle brand of unlimited possibilities and vision.  We ride the open expanse of the cracked earth as well as the tight asphalt of urban sprawl. We ride aggressive, purposeful and true, and invite you to ride among us.