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Icon Airframe Pro Helmets

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Attitude is no small matter, and the Icon Airframe Pro is ready to pull out front with aggressive styling that puts others to shame. Simply put, the Icon Airframe Pro carbon lid is a premium sportbike helmet with a tight race fit. It is built with the brand's “Angle of Attack” philosophy that optimizes gear for the assertive posture of sportbike riding. Drag and weight are decreased by moving the neckline higher to prevent any jacket or suit clipping. Models like the Icon Airframe Pro Construct Helmet are meant to be used in a full-tucked posture, which increases aerodynamics and provides the rider with excellent line of sight.

Improvement In Every Category

The Icon Airframe Pro helmet is a complete overhaul of the classic Airframe design. It all starts with the aggressive new styling we detailed above. Vent design is a huge focus in this new series, and nine optimized vents improve airflow and eliminate the noise of the old Airframe. Overall weight cuts make for a helmet that creates less fatigue while you ride. The Icon Airframe Pro Carbon Helmet series is even lighter than the original Airframe Pro, but you will see a higher price point in these aerospace-grade carbon fiber models. In addition, all of the interior components can be tuned with an additional kit sold separately. So if you struggle with out-of-the-box fit on helmets, the Icon Airframe Pro Carbon Helmet could be just what you need!

Versatile Visor Options

The Icon Airframe Pro Visor sports some worthwhile upgrades of its own. The Rapid Release shield change makes it easy to swap out visors for varying conditions or hazards. If you prefer to use tear offs, the Icon Airframe Pro Visor can be replaced with the TracShield so all that mud will take a hike after gettin' dirty. Ultimately, the Icon Airframe Pro Carbon Helmet offers sleek features that outperform its little brother in almost every category. The Icon Airframe Pro Construct Helmet is an excellent entry-point into the series, but for the best features and performance, the Icon Airframe Pro Carbon series is the way to go. Check out our full video review on the Airframe Pro to learn more.