motorcycle headphones
He loves music, he loves motorcycles, but Uncle Loomis doesn't love all songs about motorcycles. Here are his choices for best and worst. Go ahead and flame away. And if anyone can explain a "loaded six-string," let him know.
Castrol Rocket
The Castrol Rocket, currently testing in preparation for Bonneville Speed Week, is a serious attempt to break the four-year-old motorcycle land speed record of 376 mph.
loud pipes
If you're riding a bobber with bad brakes and wearing a novelty helmet, or riding a sportbike wearing a T-shirt and with your helmet strapped to the back of the bike, you look like a moron if you claim your loud pipes are about safety.
radial-mount brake caliper
In our latest episode of Why things are the way they are, Uncle Loomis 'splains what people are talking about when they yammer on about radial brakes. Hint: It's not to match your radial tires.
BMW with Kriega UScombo40 Drypack System
A long-distance rider lives with Kriega's drypack system for 10,000 miles on the road to see how these bags hold up to serious use.
Spurgeon Dunbar and Bonnie
Behind every rider is a story of how he or she got started. For Spurgeon, it was a boyhood of "look but can't have." How did you end up on two wheels?
As Marquez goes for his 10th straight MotoGP win in Indianapolis in August, just how does his performance compare to the runs of dominance in the past?
If you want to ride for the long haul, you need to protect your hearing.
Shinko tires on a Honda
Can an inexpensive tire like the Shinko 712 meet the "adventure commuting" demands of a serial tire abuser like Uncle Loomis? He puts them through TeamZilla testing to find out.
motorcycles on tour
After three years, 25,000 miles and a few hard knocks, a relatively new rider shares some lessons learned the hard way.
Dirt Quake USA videos
If you thought our story made Dirt Quake sound like fun, take a look at these video reviews of the strangest flat track race you'll see.
tires in RevZilla warehouse
In our next installment of Why Things Are the Way They Are, TeamZilla Tech Uncle Loomis explains bias-ply and radial tires, and why some motorcycles mix the two kinds.
2015 Honda CB300F
The CB300F will be available this fall, giving riders another small-displacement option without the sport styling of the CB300R.
Nicky Hayden video
American MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden talks about his painful, injured wrist, his underpowered Honda RCV1000R and why he decided to stay in MotoGP instead of jumping to World Superbike in this video interview.
Keith Code video
Anyone can twist a throttle and go fast in a straight line. It's the corners that demand skill and proper technique. This short video makes the case for getting professional coaching.
Wolfman Renegade dry bag
The Wolfman bag isn't cheap, but it survived multiple camping trips with Uncle Loomis and his riding buddies. Lesser men and products have folded in the face of such challenges.
Born-Free 6
Even a Zillan who can't tell a Pan from a Shovel can appreciate the beauty of the machines and craftsmanship that goes into the customs at this growing, West Coast show.
Gromkhana video
If you don't think this video is more July 4 fun than firecrackers and a parade, perhaps you've wandered into the wrong website by accident.
Straight Rhythm
Riders compete head-to-head on a straight, half-mile course with a variety of obstacles — but no turns.
fuel injection diagram
In this first part of an occasional series about why things are the way they are, Uncle Loomis examines why carburetors are disappearing.
ROK straps
A chronic over-packer puts ROK Straps through a TeamZilla Tested workout to see how they stand up.
Yamaha FZ-07
With the FZ-07, Yamaha continues the trend it started with the FZ-09 of producing bikes that undercut the competition on price but don't look or feel cheap. We get our first ride in the Seattle area.
Dirt Quake USA
Where else are you going to see home-built choppers, scooters, a sidecar rig and a Ducati Panigale all racing flat track? Nowhere but Dirt Quake.
leather care
Your leather is there to save your hide. Here's how to treat it right to make it last and keep it looking good.
Shark Explore-R Carbon helmet
To put it simply, we've never seen another helmet that has as many features packed into it as the Explore-R. You can reconfigure it for street or off-road use in a matter of seconds.
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
This "Harley Guy" isn't ready to put down a deposit on an electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire, assuming the bike goes into production. But he is excited about it. Here's why.
Snake video
A video of a low-side crash by a rider into the bumper of a car on a popular riding road in Los Angeles has drawn a lot of attention. Treating public streets as a race track should stop.
scooter dog in Amsterdam
The view from Amsterdam, where squadrons of skinny Europeans on scooters will happily run you down to get to work on time.
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
How will the Harley customers who get a chance to ride the bike react?
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Project LiveWire goes on the road to let customers try something entirely new from Harley-Davidson.
Dainese supports Simoncelli Foundation
Dainese will hold an auction per week to support the Simoncelli Foundation, in memory of the late racer Marco Simoncelli.
Harley video
The internet is buzzing (in a muted, electric kind of way) about Harley-Davidson's teaser video that appears to show an electric motorcycle. Details come tomorrow.
Philadelphia commute
When your daily ride to work is a two-hour journey from fog-shrouded, deer-infested countryside to traffic-clogged urban tollways, you can only call it "adventure commuting."
Sarah Lahalih
Find out who she'd most like to ride across country with and what kind of racing she'd like to do next.
Ride to Skate
What do choppers and skateboards have in common? A good cause. For eight years, riders have been getting together to raise money for a self-supported skateboard park in South Philly.
Ride to Work logo
Make sure you and your motorcycle are rested and ready after this weekend. Monday is Ride to Work Day.
Ducati Scrambler
In between the surfboards, bikinis, palm trees, mountain views and salt flats, Ducati managed to squeeze in a few very brief glimpses of its Scrambler, coming next year.
2014 motocross
You can follow the outdoor motocross season on NBC Sports and online.
Alpinestars T-Jaws WP jacket
We put the Alpinestars T-Jaws WP jacket to the test, through cold and heat, sun and rain, to see how this sporty, textile jacket holds up.
Zac Hahn's crashed Harley
Zac Hahn used to think the amazing thing about his Rokker Revolution riding jeans was that they were waterproof. A hit-and-run driver gave him more to think about.
Transitions faceshield
Photochromic faceshields promise the advantages of a tinted faceshield for handling glare without the hassle of having to change visors when conditions change. We give them a thorough test to see how they work.
Yamaha FZ-07
Beginning in July, you'll be able to get Yamaha's FZ-07 in the United States without having to smuggle one across the border from Canada.
Honda video
Ah, the glamorous life of a professional racer: internal combustion, the speed, the power and the glory. Plus the scalpel, the staples holding your arm together, the swelling, pain and suffering.
Born-Free 6
Now in its sixth year, the Born-Free vintage chopper and classic motorcycle show has grown from a couple of hundred people to 20,000 visitors to a two-day event. The man behind the show talks about where it's been, where it's going.
2014 Kawasaki Versys
After 3,000 miles, our correspondent finds that the new Versys is surprisingly competent, a genuine bargain and has the versatility to live up to its slightly awkward name.
Rolling Thunder 2014
A member of the ZLA Army rides in the Rolling Thunder Memorial Day tribute for the first time and finds surprising personal connections to the spirit of the event.
Marco Simoncelli
The late Marco Simoncelli was inducted into the Hall of Fame today in Italy as the 21st MotoGP Legend — a good time for a look back in photos and in the words of RevZilla Co-Founder Anthony Bucci to remember the inimitable #58.
1933 Harley-Davidson
Having selected the vintage machine he plans to ride across the country, Panhead Jim begins the step-by-step process of turning a pile of old parts into a running motorcycle.
Ducati unveils the new Monster 821, now with the liquid-cooled Testastretta engine.
A California man decided he wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle, borrowed a bike and died 150 yards later. We experienced riders owe new and would-be riders more than that.
1933 Harley-Davidson VL
A vintage bike enthusiast is in the process of turning a pile of parts into a 1933 Harley-Davidson VL, with the plan to ride it from California to North Carolina this fall.
U.S. Ace Café
A version of London's famous Ace Café is coming to the United States. Here are a few of the new breed of moto-cafés around the country. Which ones do you like?
speculation about the Africa Twin
Rumors have been swirling for a long time that Honda will revive the Africa Twin name and slap it on a dirt-worthy, lightweight, liter-class adventure-tourer. Will it happen this year?
riding in Texas
We grill RevZilla Co-Founder Anthony Bucci on his trip to Texas, including all-access roaming at MotoGP, riding a Harley in Hill Country and some really good BBQ.
Salvation Mountain
Wrapping up their five-day adventure, the riders visit the unique desert communities of Slab City, East Jesus and Bombay Beach on the ride back to Los Angeles.
2015 Suzuki RM-Z450
The 2015 Suzuki RM-Z450 will have launch control and air forks, as technology used in the pro motocross and Supercross ranks continues to make its way onto stock machines anyone can buy.
Arizona ride report
The band of brothers heads west again through wide open spaces and vicious cross winds.
spring riding drills
For riders who have been off their motorcycles due to winter weather, spring is a hazardous time. A few minutes of refreshing skills gets you ready for a new riding season.
Arizona ride report
On day three, our heroes ride to Mount Lemmon to enjoy miles of snaky, challenging curves and Sean declares it the best road he's ridden yet.
On Any Sunday the Next Chapter
More than 40 years later, Bruce and Dana Brown are ready to show the next chapter in the most iconic motorcycle film ever. See the trailer.
desert camping
Finally in Arizona, the road trippers peer at the cosmos and learn to ride at night with no headlights.
stuck in the sand in Glamis
Fleeing California for a ride in southern Arizona.
Honda XL250
If you've caught yourself staring, it's probably that your motorcycle has a high Garage Contemplation Factor (GCF). At least in your starry eyes.
Nicky Hayden at Circuit of the Americas
At one time, U.S. riders dominated the top level of world championship roadracing. Now we face the real prospect of having a MotoGP race in the United States with no U.S. riders on the grid.
Along with wars, abuse and disaster, humans are also capable of spontaneous acts of kindness to avert disasters. Here's one by a fellow rider overseas.
motorcycle for sale
As they gain experience, try new things and as riding becomes a more important part of their lives, new riders often find that the motorcycle they thought was their dream bike isn't really what they want.
how to install PIAA lights
TeamZilla wrench Uncle Loomis shares some of his hard-earned tips for installing additional lighting for safety and visibility.
April ZLA Live
See what you missed. Viking helmets customized by Frank the Intern were worn and Sticky Jangles, king of the swap meet bargain bin, touted an $800 jacket! We'd suspect bribery if the man weren't impossible to corrupt.
summer touring
Planning to hit the road this summer? TeamZilla members offer their lists of the five things they always try to remember to take on tour. Not the usual stuff, but the things you think of 200 miles down the highway.
Eli Tomac's 6D helmet cutaway
6D helmets has brought a new design to the task of protecting your head. Twin EPS liners connected by dampers reduce rotational forces to keep your brain from getting scrambled.
MotoGP grid
What if you were hunted down by an enraged pack of fans wearing yellow "46" T-shirts?
Tarus two-wheel-drive motorcycle
It explores bombed-out post-apocalypse buildings. It carries you up cliffs. You carry it up cliffs. It floats across streams. See it here.
Harley-Davidson 883 Iron
Harley-Davidson dealers sold 57,415 motorcycles in the first three months of 2014, but there are some other facts in Harley's news that may contradict what you think you know about the company.
on the road
Sure, you can throw a change of underwear and a toothbrush in a backpack and hit the road without a care or a plan. But if you're like our correspondent, you want to do some planning. Serious planning.
strange road signs
Ride long enough and you'll see some odd things along the road, including, sometimes, the road signs themselves. See a few favorite oddities and then add your own.
When we break out of our own little slice of the motorcycle experience, we find there's a big wide world of two-wheeled greatness out there to discover.
Bell head scan
Our correspondent takes a tour inside the Bell HQ in Santa Cruz, Calif., to see why collaboration is the corporate vibe, what's in the R&D pipeline, and to get his head scanned.
Isle of Man TT
It just got easier for us Yanks on this side of the pond to see the world's most famous public-roads motorcycle race, the Isle of Man TT. Shows will air this year on the Velocity Channel.
GearChic buys a bike
The decision-making process of buying a motorcycle sometimes leads to unexpected destinations. Just ask RevZilla's GearChic.
Johammer J1
The Johammer J1 and J2 are electric motorcycles built in Austria. The quirks are more than skin deep, too.
motorcycle swap meets
Whether you're looking for your next project, seeking a rare part for your restoration or just want to see some cool junk, TeamZilla's swap meet expert shares his insider tips.
Saturday School
Deus Ex Machina, a unique shop in Venice, Calif., that mixes custom motorcycles, surf boards and more, tries a new approach to the weekend that's educational.
stay in communication
New firmware updates from Sena and UClear mean that different brands of Bluetooth communications devices can now talk to each other. TeamZilla tests how it works.
suit alterations
It costs less than you might think to get your one-piece leather suit altered. Not only will it be more comfortable, but it will also keep your armor where you need it, when you need it.
Route 555
When you don't have time for an epic, transcontinental journey, you need a day-trip motorcycle fix. Here's a personal favorite with some great curves and roadside oddities.
Honda NM4
Remember a few years ago when people criticized Honda for bland designs and playing it safe? Now we get the NM4.
BMW S1000F
BMW comes up with some direct competition for the Ducati Multistrada, built around the mighty four-cylinder engine in the S1000RR.
ICON Akorp
Our style-conscious correspondent picks the ICON Akorp jacket as one of his favorites. But it wasn't love at first sight. Some products need to be experienced firsthand to be appreciated.
Bell 60th anniversary
Bell celebrates 60 years of keeping our heads on straight. It's a party in New York with motorcycles, helmets and Evel Knievel's jump suit.
Alpinestars Tech-Air
Alpinestars upgrades its inflatable protection for the likes of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa. Just wait til it trickles down to us mortals.
Yamaha Tricity
Yamaha unveils a new product. Just not the one we were expecting.
Carb cleaning 101
Did you winterize your bike last year? Or did you lean it in a corner of the garage and play Call of Duty all winter? If the latter, you now have a bike that won't start on the first nice day of spring. Uncle Loomis comes to your rescue.
2014 Gear Guides
Every Monday, get a fast-paced video intro from Anthony to RevZilla's top picks for the best new gear of 2014. Up today: choice gloves for all styles of riding.
Ryan Villopoto
On a night when most of his points lead could have evaporated, Ryan Villopoto overcame adversity through toughness and kept his march toward a fourth Supercross title on track.
Sportster in the desert
In which an East Coast rider explores the combination of wide open Western spaces, widely spaced gas stations and a stylishly slim Harley-Davidson Sportster gas tank.
Ducati instruments
Can the key to greater owner satisfaction begin with something as simple as the key? Motorcycle manufacturers can make a big impression by spending more time on our contact points with the bikes.
2014 MotoGP
It's been a strange off season, but the rules wrangling and testing are done and real racing finally begins this weekend in Qatar. Here's a preview to get you up to speed.
motorcycle messenger
You may think technology has made motorcycle messengers extinct, but a few still battle traffic daily for a living. Every day is a challenge to avoid personal extinction, however.
Yamaha video
Yamaha shares a 15-second video teaser about its next (and smallest) YZF sport bike.
Honda XR650L modifications
Seven miles on the odometer? What better time to void the warranty? Uncle Loomis loves time-tested, air-cooled "technology," but he also likes smooth carburetion, so follow along as he digs into a brand-new Honda XR650L in his secret bunker workshop on Lemmy Mountain.
Modern Classics Show
We come to see the bikes, we leave with the stories.
March 12, 2014 ZLA Live
Miss the ZLA Live Spreecast? All is not lost! You can still listen to BoochZilla and his cast of characters. Hear more from Spurg about the Modern Classics Show, learn why one Go-Go Boy is wearing a mask and the other is filled with rage at the Yamaha SR400.
Kawasaki Ninja 650 review
The name and the looks say "sport bike," but riding the Ninja 650 reveals something far more versatile.
Yamaha SR400
Can a genuine air-cooled, kickstart-only throwback to the disco era win a following among the hipsters of 2014? Yamaha tests the waters with the SR400.
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
A back-road ride to visit the world's greatest motorcycle collection at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.
Have we finally grown up enough to decide that maximum power is not the biggest bragging right in motorcycling? The trend is toward max control, not max power.
Chris Hollis video
Combine superhuman off-road riding skills, excellent production quality and some cool background music and you've got the perfect recipe for our newest favorite riding video. This video proves that magic happens in the woods, and we aren't talking fairies and unicorns.
TT Legends
Spend an afternoon watching these videos and come to the inescapable conclusion: These guys are tougher than the rest of us.
What's it like, for one day, to live like the roadracing pros? Our life-long track-day guy gets a taste of life on the other side.
The One Show
Our correspondent ventures north to check out the signature motorcycle event in Portland.
Get a rare peek into the mind of chopper folk, namely Uncle Loomis, as he buys a forlorn Fatboy and goes about giving it another chapter of life.
Save this Softail: Part 2
Save this Softail: Part 3
Save this Softail: Part 4
Chad Hodge
Watch RevZilla's webcast with Chad Hodge, designer of the Bell Bullitt, a helmet that bleeds McQueen cool.
The incredble but true story behind our infamous Spreecast party crashers and their eclectic beards.
Bonneville Salt Flats
See our Q&A with Jack Broomall, who holds a world record and has surpassed 200 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Outfitted with two VFR800 motorcycles, CK and Joel of TeamZilla take the Dragon head on and learn what it means to tame the beast!
RawHyde Adventures
TeamZilla's adventure-riding guru Patrick, BoochZilla and Matt survive the RawHyde Adventure School. If you want to learn to ride an adventure-touring bike off-road, this is the place.

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