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The Honda Africa Twin is like the Babe Ruth of Adventure Motorcycling. Years ago it set a mark to be beat, and to this day, very few have been on its level. Getting its name from the continent where its legend was created, the Africa Twin motorcycle has been making waves both on-road and off for decades. Beginning with the original XRV750 that was produced throughout the 90’s, the Honda Africa Twin dual-sport motorcycle has been precisely that, a dual-sport motorcycle.

In an industry that is rife with varying opinions, the true 50-50 capabilities of the Africa Twin have been touted throughout its run. Much of the success of the motorcycle can be found in the parts and accessories used within. Whether it is for customization or replacement of a part lost to ardent adventure riding, the right Honda Africa Twin parts play a big role in how the motorcycle functions both on the street or the trail. The same can be said for any ADV motorcycle. As the expectations of what the Africa Twin is capable of (and it’s capable of a lot) differ greatly from what is expected of other motorcycles, finding the best parts and accessories to bring the substantial performance facilities of this dual-sport monster to life are a big part of the equation.

Honda Africa Twin Motorcycle