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Full disclosure on Holiday 2013 Deals & New Gear:

Welcome to the ZLA Army tour 2013 Holiday Deals, Steals, and New Product. From our table to yours this is the best of what is on sale and new to for holiday 2013. Leading off, (besides your turkey, your tryptophan, stay with me; no comas during this monologue) we’re going to start with Black Friday/Cyber Monday. There’s a ton hitting midnight Black Friday at, so much so that we can’t mention a lot of it. You’re just going to have to check the site. Rukka, Shoei, Alpinestars, Scorpion; you’re just going to have to wait and see, and go find out

Also, take advantage of our gift guides as well as our holiday extended returns through 1/31/2014. Also, quick note: Remember Black Friday/Cyber Monday, our Lazy Rider Holiday Payroll Contest is going on. We’re giving away $250 per hour away in Team Zilla cash, but you have to enter ahead of time at Just go check for the picture of Uncle Loomis, throw in your creds, and you’ll be good to go. Last but not least, Spreecast is coming back December 11th, that’s a Wednesday, 3:00 p.m. Eastern time. We’re going to spin the big wheel, do some Q&A. We’ll see you there; Now onto the deals.

Next up this month are the holiday deals. We talked Black Friday and Cyber Monday; everything I’m going to show you are deals that are going to persist all holiday season long. First up to my left, I have Euro Peter: 6’, 95, 42” chest, wearing a size 42 Teknic Freeway. Comes in black, comes in hi-viz; 60% off. This is a blow out that’s going to go really, really, quickly. 3 to 3 3½ season cold weather riding. CE armor, non-removable waterproofing, but removable thermal. We’ve seen it go really quickly, $400 down to $160. Again, a steal. Great style from Teknic for a multitude of riding scenarios. Goodbye.

Moving into my table, I’m starting with the Juggernaut. It’s the Juggernaut sale, and again, watch it Black Friday/Cyber Monday; it might even wiggle a little bit further. This is the Shoei RF-1100. I call it the gateway drug, we call Goldilocks. The predecessor to the RF-1200, nearly 40% off. You see a solid helmet starting north of $400 down for $279. Graphics at $359, SNELL, DOT, intermediate oval head-shape, phenomenal venting scheme, with a really aggressive look. This is the RevZilla orange color way, but there’s a ton of other styles you could go with. Nobody who’s worn it has ever had a bad experience, including myself. Nearly 40% off this holiday season at

Next up is our ScalaRider G9. It’s the PowerSet which is the dual pack as well as the single units. 30% off all holiday season long. You have a dual set starting at $499 down to $350, and a single unit close to $200, saving a ton of money. Remember, its bluetooth, A2DP; you’re going to be bike-to-bike, up to 9 riders. Communicator to your mobile phone, communicator to your GPS. Again, one of the premiere products in this category. Scala Rider on sale all holiday season long.

Moving into the middle of the table, this is a product that you’ve seen me talking about a bunch in the last few months. This is the Lazer Monaco Carbon, representing the fact that all of Lazers 15% of through the end of the year. The Monaco Carbon holds a distinction of being the only carbon fiber flip-face modular on the market. It also ships stock with a photochromic shield, 15% off, down from $429. Remember, there’s also the Falcon, there’s the Kite, there’s the Castrol, all on sale.

If I whip over to the far left side of my table, this is the Lazer Osprey which is their hardcore aggressive race-style motorcycle helmet. Xavier Simeon in Moto 2 is currently wearing it. Carbon fiber in its design. 40% off, down to $259 from the $429 range. Again, full carbon fiber, this is the hyper sport graphic. There’s also going to be a fiberglass version that is 40% off, as well.

Moving back to the middle here, looking at the Dainese Full Metal Pro. This was the premiere Moto GP glove for Valentino Rossi before the Full Metal RS: Titanium, carbon fiber, Kevlar stitching. 25% off, down from $350 to $259. Again, black only. These are going to move like smoke on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. These are just going on sale. When they’re gone, that’s the end of them, so act fast.

Then last but not least here my table, is Held. I have the Rodney, I have the Warm-N-Dry. All Held through the end of the year is 10% off. Premium German gloves that are for sport riding, for multi-season touring riding, for adventure riding. Again, phenomenal reputation. Check out the full collection at 10% off all Held.

Last up here to my left, I’m going to bring our boy Euro Peter back representing the Olympia sale. A bunch of new holiday price drops that have just happened. 40% off 4 key products. Peter’s in the Moab to my left. 3-season mesh, removable waterproof, removable thermal. He’s wearing a size large. Remember, 6’, 195, 500d cordura, comes in a hi-viz as well. Great 3-season warm weather jacket by the Xmoto, which is true adventure. You’re going to have the AST2, as well as the Recon 3 over pants, all 40% off as well. They’ve just come down again, moving into December for 2013.

Remember, if you want to shop the full collection of deals including Black Friday/Cyber Monday, click right here. Visit See the full collection. It’s bananas, it’s going to move fast. There’s definitely some pieces here that are limited stock and they’re going to go like smoke, as I said, for holiday 2013.

Hot on the heels of deals for 2013, I now have new product; limited supply, but some noteworthy nuggets dropping towards the end of the year. First up, to my right, this is the Shark Raw; much awaited. We been looking at it online in sexy-time pictures for months and months now. It’s finally in stock. It’s now shipping. Solids, matte solids, graphics. This is the stripes graphic, obviously in RevZilla orange. There’s also the Michalak, which we really like. $259. Remember, it’s a neutrals round oval head-shape, but again, lots of flexibility. You have the goggle, you have the removable muzzle, Cobra Commander meets urban assault for a multitude of different riders. I’ve seen interest from the HD community, from the Urban community, from the naked bike-riding community. These are really sweet. It could be your cup of tea. Check them out and watch a full-detailed breakdown video.

Moving to the middle of the table, now I have my SDS New York replacement from SIDI. This is the Gas. $119, no frills, on-the-bike, off-the-bike riding shoe. Classic Italian style. The SIDI Gas,, $119. Check it out on the SIDI page. Again, nice integration forward as they continue to round out they’re mix.

Moving back to my left, this is another Juggernaut. We introduced the Scorpion XLR-2000 over a year ago. The production version is finally hit. We actually reshot the video recently because they’ve made some nuance changes. Remember 369; top-of-the-foodchain race helmet, 5-ply design in its shell, SNELL and DOT rated. You’re going to have fiberglass, you’re going to have aramid organic resins. Alvaro Bautista is currently the lead rider in this bad boy in the premiere class of Moto GP, but there’s also 16 other pro racers riding in it currently. Air fit system, again, very aggressive, meant for the tuck, the race position, the ¾ position. Obviously, a sport helmet from Scorpion, 369. It also comes with a smoke lens.

Last but not least, K&N filters. We all do our own bike maintenance; race filters, air filters you also have oil filters, and that was race air filters from K&N. Happy to have these in a full collection up at, in our parts section. Keep your bike running stronger, longer.

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