Givi Luggage Guide

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As one of the premier motorcycle luggage brands in the world, Givi has firmly cemented themselves in the industry thanks to the extreme level of quality and attention to detail that is the result of a product made by high-tech robots in Italy. From the Givi Monolock luggage series designed for light motorcycles and scooters, to the more rugged and deluxe Givi Monokey luggage series of top cases and side cases, all the way through the soft cases, wind screens, and accessories, the quality and craftsmanship is unmistakable. However, for the rider who only knows the caliber of the Givi name and product but not much more, exploring their gear and finding the right setup can at first be a daunting task.

To that end, we have created a series of HD video product guides that focus exclusively on the Givi Motorcycle Luggage lineup. Be sure to first check out our overview of the entire Givi Motorcycle Luggage line, and after that delve into our product family breakdowns. As always, you can check out a detailed video review for each specific product once you've narrowed your search.  

On this page you will find the following Givi Gear guides and how-to videos (click the links below to skip directly to that specific guide):

Givi Motorcycle Luggage & Gear Overview

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From their Monolock luggage series of top cases designed for scooters and light motorcycles to their Monokey luggage series of deluxe top and side cases and everything in between, Givi Motorcycle Luggage and accessories focuses on delivering a high quality, made-in-Italy product to the rider. Figuring out exactly what is right for your bike and your general riding application can be a difficult process for the rider new to the Givi line. In this video guide, we overview the entire run of luggage from Givi at a high level, breaking down what is shared universally between the various cases and also highlighting what differentiates them from one another.

Givi Monokey Topcase & Sidecase Overview

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The premium label within the lineup is the Givi Monokey Topcase and Sidecase series. A stronger and more rugged construction than the Monolock line and designed for long-distance and adventure touring applications, all Monokey cases are designed to be mounted utilizing Givi's bike-specific mounting system. They are designed for heavier loads and more enduring rides, and the bike-specific mounting allows the weight to be distributed evenly over the frame. Most Monokey topcases feature document holders and Givi's heavy-duty bungee straps to hold your gear in place. There are also case-specific internal soft bags for convenience.

Givi Monolock Topcase Overview

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Givi's light-duty line of cases, built for light motorcycles and scooters, is the Givi Monolock Topcase series. For the commuter and everyday scooter rider and light motorcyclist, the Monolock cases could be the ideal solution for your storage needs. Built with Givi's durable double wall and gasket construction that seals out all the elements, each Monolock case comes with a universal mounting plate that allows you to mount the cases to any flat surface that you see fit on the bike. Topcases only, the Monolock series can also be mounted bike-specifically if you so desire for better weight distribution.

Givi Luggage Mounting Overview

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In this video, we break down the differences between what is required for mounting your Givi Monokey cases versus mounting your Givi Monolock cases. Givi's mounting can get a bit complicated if you're new to the lineup, so we break down the basics for you here. In the end, once you figure out the system of cases that you want to go with for your bike, give us a shout at 877-792-9455 or and we'll make sure you get all the right hardware that you'll need to properly mount your new Givi gear.

Givi Soft Luggage Overview

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There are over 25 unique pieces in the Givi Soft Luggage lineup, everything from scooter bags to saddle bags to tank bags and more. In this video, we highlight the universal features of the Givi Soft Luggage bags. Each bag is a high denier polyester outer (as high as 1680D), comes with a rain fly for on-the-go waterproofing, and many feature advanced niceties such as map holders, GPS holders, and cell phone holders. Givi Soft Luggage is a great solution for motorcycle and scooter riders of every ilk.

Givi Windscreen Overview

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Offering greater coverage than the windscreen that came stock with your motorcycle or scooter, Givi Windscreens are available in both universal and bike-specific models. While most of these can mount with the hardware native to your bike, some windscreens, due to the larger amount of coverage, require additional hardware. These are denoted on the product pages.