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Welcome to our Gerbing's Heated Gear Guides page! As the temperatures dip down late in autumn, most riders begrudgingly tuck their bikes safely into the garage until those first beams of warm springtime sun pour down. It's a terrible feeling for every hardcore rider; most times it's necessary since no one wants to be frostbitten when cutting through frigid mountain passes or on the highway on your commute in. Let's face it, even the most extreme winter motorcycle gear isn't going to keep you toasty in bone-chilling temperatures. Along came Gerbing's, with heated gear that will instantly have you addicted not only to cold weather motorcycle riding but heated gear as well, particularly with Gerbing's industry-leading Microwire technology.

All of that said, many people are wondering, what is Gerbing's? How does all this heated motorcycle gear work anyway? How does it all connect together and what do I need to buy? We've developed a series of HD-video Gerbing's Gear Guides that should help to alleviate some concerns and questions that riders may have about this highly advanced technical heated gear. 

On this page you'll find the following Gerbing's How-To and Buying Guides (click the links below to skip directly to that segment):

Gerbing' Coreheat12 Heated Gear Connection and Controller Guide

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Consider this your introduction to the Gerbing's Heated Gear lineup. In this video we cover the basics: Gerbing's company history, the technology (namely, Microwire) that is used, and the pieces of heated gear that are available from Gerbing's. Microwire was developed as a result of Gerbing's contract with the Department of Defense. The military needed gear that would heat immensely fast, and the Microwire technology goes from zero to warm in four seconds. Yes, four seconds. In this video, we also cover the basics of connecting the gear to the controllers and answer the burning question, Why heated gear? Gerbing's offers an array of gear, from heated jacket liners and pants liners to full gauntlet gloves and glove liners all the way to hardcore outer shells that operate standalone with no technical gear underneath. The jacket liners feature a total of seven heating panels; two chest, two arm, two back, and our favorite creature comfort, the heated collar. Check out all of the details of this groundbreaking gear in the video above.

Gerbing's Heated Glove Buying Guide

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Gerbing's makes a full run of heated gloves for winter riding. At the very basic level, the Gerbing's Heated Glove Liners are designed to fit under a winter riding glove. Constructed from stretch Cordura for a snug, comfortable fit, the liners have Microwire that heats the length of the fingers and the back of the hand. Gerbing's leaves the palms of all of their gloves heat free, bearing in mind that most riders who are doing cold weather riding have heated grips hooked up to the bike. There are two mid-range gloves in the group, the Gerbing's Nubuck Heated Gloves and the Gerbing's G3 Heated Gloves. Both of these gloves offer limited protection but provide extensive heating properties. They work well as a basic everyday winter glove or as a passenger glove. At the very top of the food chain, the Gerbing's T5 Heated Gloves are built for frigid ADV touring. They are strong and light, built with a leather and textile chassis with protective padding and reinforcements throughout. They are fully waterproof, yet breathable with Thermolite insulation coupled with the Microwire heating technology that warms the fingers and back of the hand. No matter what your riding style or desired level of protection, Gerbing's Heated Gloves will keep you toasty on winter rides.

Gerbing's Heated Gear Connection Guide

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Okay, so now you've purchased all your Gerbing's gear and you're wondering, how the heck does this stuff all connect together. Maybe you haven't made the investment yet, and you can't decide between the Single Controller or the Dual Controller. This is the video for you. We break down the different kinds of Gerbing's heat controllers, and spend a full eight minutes detailing exactly how all the gear links together, from battery to controller to the gear. We also show how the different pieces of gear work standalone, without being daisy-chained together. Gerbing's makes everything extremely convenient and eliminates the need for excessive wiring. For example, the connector for the gloves comes right out of a zipper at the wrist on the jacket liner, while the connector for heated insoles lives in a zippered compartment at the ankle of the pants liner.

Gerbing's Heated Jacket Size Guide

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Getting the proper fit on your Gerbing's gear is crucial to ensuring proper heating and comfort. Gerbing's Heated Gear is meant to fit snugly atop a base layer and underneath your technical outer shell. All you need is a soft measuring tape and a helper. Measure around the chest while taking a deep a breath to allow for flexibility and room for additional liners underneath. The next crucial measurement is the arms, which come in normal, short and long sizes. Take the end of the soft tape measure and start at the middle of the highest vertebra. Measure from there to the middle of the wrist bone. Take those two numbers, compare them to the size chart, and you'll have your perfect size!

Gerbing's Heated Pants Size Guide

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Measuring your pants size for Gerbing's Heated Gear is slightly different than most other measurements for other brands. Gerbing's does not use your traditional jeans or pants size. Same as with the jacket measurement, get yourself a soft tape measure and a helper. Instead of using your jeans size, measure the widest point of your hips, where your hip bone juts out the farthest. Next, take the tape and measure belt to floor, also known as the outseam. Take these two measurements, compare them to the size chart, and you'll easily find your ideal Gerbing's Pants size.

Gerbing's Heated Glove Size Guide

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The most straightforward of Gerbing's sizing, figuring out your Gerbing's glove sizes is the same as measuring for any other glove. Simply measure around your knuckles at the widest part of your palm. This measurement translates easily to a very direct size chart and you've got your Gerbing's Glove Size. 

Gerbing's Heated Insoles Guide

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Another star in the Gerbing's lineup is heated boot insoles. Keeping in mind that a ton of heat is lost through the extremities, Gerbing's developed insoles that replace the boots' native soles and easily connect to your Gerbing's heated pants liners (or directly to a controller). Freezing cold feet will quickly turn any adventurous ride into a wretched, unhappy chore. But with Gerbing's, your feet will stay warm and cozy on long rides. Other manufacturers produce heated insoles, but Gerbing's Heated Insoles are the only brand which features heat through the entirety of the foot's surface area. Utilizing their patented Microwire technology, the insoles heat fast and stay warm the entire ride.

How to Clean Gerbing's Connectors

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You may be wondering what happens when your connectors start corroding over time. Do I have to buy new connectors? Will my Gerbing's gear still work? Not to worry, all you need is a dental brush and some rubbing alcohol and you can clean your connectors in seconds. Check out the demonstration below.

How to Connect a Single Controller to a Jacket Liner

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This is a basic demonstration on how to connect a Gerbing's Heated Jacket Liner to a Gerbing's Single Controller. Check out the full demonstration below.

Gerbing's Interconnected System

Gerbing's heated clothing forms a true interconnected system in which every item connects to everything else. You can wear a jacket, gloves, pants, and socks with only a single connection to your battery. For example, our gloves and insoles plug into our three-prong Y-harness or directly into our jackets or pants.

Gerbings Interconnected System