George A. Geek Bio

  • Nickname: Pure Power
  • Riding Since: 2009
  • Bikes: 2005 SV650/GSXR (modified), and 1991 GSF400

I grew up riding bmx and mountain bikes. Motorcycling was just the natural path of evolution. I really enjoy working on anything with two wheels. My first bike was a 1991 GSF400. I rode it from coast to coast. It currently has a complete front end swap from a ‘99 900ss,  and I am on engine #2.

"If it is not challenging I'm not too into it.”

My main bike is now a 2005 SV650 with a GSXR front end. I have heard the SV described as being already all georged up. I couldn’t be more flattered.

I have a long term build that I dubbed the Yamasaki: an ‘89 EX500 with an entirely new subframe, FZR swinger, R6 front forks with wheels from a ‘79 XS1100 and a ‘78 XS500. I like the old school look of the larger wheels and skinny tires, I think it adds more of a bicycle quality to the project.

I like doing things the hard way. If it is not challenging I’m not too into it. If it came down to paying someone else to do something that will take them about 2 hours, I’d rather take 10 hours to do it myself and learn from a million mistakes along the way.

Riding is really important to me. I ride every day in full gear. I want to do everything I can so that if I come off the bike I can simply brush myself off and get right back on. So far so good.