EVS SB03 Shoulder Brace Review

D McB - Gear Geek

PUBLISHED: June 19, 2013

Earlier this year I separated my shoulder while snowboarding.  For those of you that know conditions in the Northeast, its more like iceboarding than snowboarding.  So on my last run of the day, I decided to go big then go home. 

Unfortunately my board slid out on ice on the face of the jump and I ended up horizontal in the air and landed directly on my right shoulder.  I thought I broke my collarbone and hobbled myself off of the slope back to my truck and headed to the nearest hospital.  Fortunately I did not break my collar bone, but had a level 3 separation (the worst kind you can get). 

I wanted something to aid in my recovery and searched the RevZilla site for shoulder braces.  We had some expensive ones and some cheap ones and had no idea where to start.  Jason, a fellow Gear Geek that is also an EMT, suggested the EVS SB03 Shoulder Brace.  So I ordered one up and gave it a shot. 

At first, it didn’t seem to be anything too impressive.  However, after a few days of limited activity, I started hitting the RevZilla gym just to stretch and do light weights.  This is when I noticed the benefit of the brace.   It kept a tight hold on my shoulder and kept my clavicle bone in place, exactly what I needed.  As time went by, I started adding weights to my own personal physical therapy. 

The heavier I went, the more the brace helped.  I thought the increased motion would cause the velcro to let loose on the brace, but it held tight, keeping my shoulder in place.  Soon I was able to function without the brace and now can do almost everything I did before my injury.  I still have some trouble with chest workouts in the gym, but I think that is something I may never be able to get back.

To put the brace to the test, I wore it during my first track day of the year.  For those of you that ride the track, you know that track days can actually be a tough workout.  I rode my morning sessions without the brace and was ok, but felt my shoulder getting a little sore.  So when suiting up after lunch, I strapped on the EVS Brace and headed out for my first afternoon session.  While my shoulder stayed in place, it was still sore for the rest of the day.  I guess the EVS Brace has its limits as to how much it can help.  I most likely won’t be wearing the brace anymore as my shoulder is pretty much healed at this point.

My recommendation on this product is that its good for use with recovering from an injury, but doesn’t provide much benefit for regular use.

-- D McB