Ethan K. Bio

  • Riding since: 2003
  • Bikes: 2015 KTM 690 Duke, 2015 Genuine Hooligan 170i
  • Riding style: Yes

Our story begins in a small little town,
In middle New York (upstate, not down).
And in this small town lived a boy named Ethan,
Who happened to like motorcycles, without rhyme or reason.

He’d never been on one once, not even one ride,
But he was sure they were awesome, he knew deep down inside.
Little Ethan had a Harley book from which he would read,
And he’d dream about riding, and sportbikes, and speed!

Little Ethan grew up, and he went off to school,
And shiny, fast motorcycles still made him drool.
“No more snow!” Ethan cried, and he decided one day
To hop on an airplane, and move to L.A.

In the city of angels, it finally seemed
That Ethan would realize his motorbike dream.
He bought his first bike, an SV650,
And a helmet to match, RF-1000, quite nifty!

“Riding is easy, I’ll figure it out.”
He said to himself, without any doubt.
So he jumped on the SV and twisted the grip,
And the bike threw him off as it started to flip.

Ethan was stubborn and continued to crash,
So he bought better gear to combat road rash.
He crashed on the freeway, though not very hard,
He crashed going slow on Van Nuys Boulevard.

“I love bikes so much” he thought in his head,
“I think I should sell motorcycles instead!”
So he went to a big shop just east of L.A.
And he started to sell bikes the very next day.

This shop had it all! So he sold brand new Gixxers,
He sold brand new Hondas, he sold bikes that were fixers,
He sold Ninja sportbikes, ATVs, Harleys too,
If you like going fast, he had something for you!

With all of this selling, there was less time to ride,
And this made young Ethan less happy inside.
“I’ll move to the desert, that’s just what I’ll do!
Then I can ride dirtbikes and dual sports too.”

He rode every day, on the street and the sand,
Up hill climbs, down switchbacks, all over the land.
Then one sad day the stock market crashed,
And no one had money for bikes that go fast.

Back to New York! Mr. Ethan did go,
Back to the winters with no bikes (and snow!)
But something was missing, deep down inside,
He missed motorcycles! And the people who ride,

"We're hiring in Philly!" the RevZilla banner said,
So he hopped on his cycle, and put his lid on his head,

He rode to RevZilla and joined the team,
Motorcycles! Internets! Living the dream.
So if you visit RevZilla and Ethan is around,
You may well hear him say...

“Keep it rubber side down!”