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Not a Dainese Diehard? Maybe you should be! Dainese is an Italian company that specializes in premium motorcycle gear along with many other branches in powersports, and snow sports. They are especially known for the leather jackets, using a proprietary blend of D-skin leather which is more supple and more strong than traditional cowhide. However, leather or not, all Dainese Jackets are made with high attention to detail and unwavering Italian fashion sense!

Dainese also produces gloves, boots, and protective armor. We at TeamZilla hold the brand in high esteem and many of our Gear Geeks commute daily with their gear. You will probably see a dozen pairs of Dainese Boots in our gear locker on any given day at RevZilla!

Fashion and quality do come at a price, so we always like to highlight items that go on sale or are discontinued in our Dainese Closeouts section. Be careful, though! After your first piece of Dainese gear, you might just turn into a Dainese Diehard!