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Noteworthy Best Sellers

Noteworthy Best Sellers

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Dainese Motorcycle Gear & Apparel

From Freddy to Rossi with many in between, Dainese has since 1972 been the premier brand for racers and enthusiasts worldwide. Dainese, an Italian company, is known for handmade leathers and leading edge textiles which employ state-of-the-art technology and exotic materials. Their handcrafted final products offer the best mix of fit, finish and functionality. Titanium, carbon fiber and kangaroo are regular additions to garments, which are just as likely to feature high-quality materials from Gore-Tex, DuPont and Schoeller, as well.

RevZilla has been impressed with the level of quality that Dainese represents since their relationship began, from their flagship Sport protective apparel to their technical Touring garments. RevZilla is proud to be one of the select Dainese dealers in the country, stocking  jackets, pants, suits, gloves, boots and gear catering to all-season riders as well as racing enthusiasts.

Dainese products have an average rating of 4.5/5.0 from 3548 reviews