Dainese 36060 Collection

Dainese Walken Boots
$142.46 $189.95 Sale 25% Off!
Dainese Cooper Boots
2 colors available
Dainese Freeman Gloves
$74.96 $99.95 Sale 25% Off!
Dainese Ellis Gloves
$67.46 $89.95 Sale 25% Off!
2 colors available
Dainese Harrison Leather Jacket
$599.96 $799.95 Sale 25% Off!
Dainese Harrison Leather Jacket - Closeout
$479.97 $799.95 Sale 40% Off!
Dainese McKellen Pants
$149.96 $199.95 Sale 25% Off!
Dainese Chaplin Jacket
$359.97 $599.95 Sale 40% Off!
3 colors available
Dainese York Leather Jacket - (Size 48 Only)
$524.96 $699.95 Sale 25% Off!
2 colors available
Dainese Powel Jacket
$384.97 $549.95 Sale 30% Off!

Ahhh, there’s nothing like the essence of classic, sexy Italian moto to get your internal combustion going. Harking back to the original vision of Lino Dainese that materialized in the small village of Molvena, the Dainese 36060 Collection is a vintage-infused lineup of motorcycle gear that incorporates off-the-bike fashion with bits of moto-specific functionality.

Built heavily to favor the casual crowd, the 36060 Collection gets its name from the ZIP code associated with Vicenza, Italy (wherein Movena is located). Consisting of old-school styling and super premium materials, gear in this collection allows the Dainese name to mingle with the non-moto world with equal deftness and acumen as it does within. From top-tier runway fashion that can be seen in the Harrison and Washington Leather Jackets, to casually classy pants such as the McKellen, and all the way down to around-town footwear like the Cooper Boots and Moore Shoes, there really is nowhere that the Dainese 36060 Collection can’t take you comfortably, and in style.