Cycle Shack has been in business producing pipes since 1971. Their expertise has not gone unnoticed - legend holds that for a period of time, they were manufacturing exhausts that were sold as Harley-branded exhausts. They mix knowledge and experience with steel and chrome right here in the USA, and the product is an exhaust that looks as good as it sounds. Cycle Shack is known for the horsepower and sheer volume their pipes create, and the value they represent is plain as day to anyone shopping on a budget - many of their full systems are priced comparably to competitors' mufflers-only setups. If traditional hot-bike looks and performance are important to you, Cycle Shack's products are ones you are going to want to check out! In order to tighly control their finished product, all manufacturing is done in-house - design, bending, welding, cutting, polishing, and chroming. Made in America, for America's V-twin.

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Cycle Shack Exhaust