Avast ye, scurvy dogs! Don’t waste your hard-earned dubloons on inferior foot control products or expensive OEM replacement componenets when you could upgrade for less. Cycle Pirates Adjustable Shift Levers and Brake Pedals are CNC milled from T-6 aluminum for the highest quality and the lightest weight, and are cleverly designed to be both aesthetically pleasing while incorporating functional features like the slash cut/beveled toe tips for knee-draggin’ ground clearance. Save a few bucks, my sport bike buccaneers, and add a custom touch to your motor-schooner. Cycle Pirates levers won’t cost you whatever arms and peg legs you may have left.

Cycle Pirates

Cycle Pirates Folding Shift Lever
$43.16 - $70.16 $47.95 10% Off MSRP
Cycle Pirates Shift Lever Honda CBR600RR 2003-2016
$34.36 - $38.86 $42.95 - $47.95 Sale 20% Off!
Cycle Pirates Adjustable Brake Pedal
$80.96 - $89.96 $89.95 10% Off MSRP