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Video: Blood Bikers documentary

Dec 04, 2018

In a hospital miles away, a patient needs blood. You’re not far from a blood bank with a few precious liters, and there’s a special motorcycle available with flashing lights and orders to deliver the blood as quickly as possible. Would you answer the call?

Omeleto curates short films, “ranging from Sundance, Oscars and Cannes-selected directors to young, talented newcomers.” If you’re interested in film, it’s easy to get lost in there. Even if that’s not your thing, I’m guessing you like motorcycles, which I’d like to show you David Hayes’ "Blood Bikers," a look into the lives of motorcyclists who carry vital medical supplies across the UK. Quick deliveries of blood, plasma, organs, and more can mean life or death in an emergency, and it’s up to volunteer riders like the ones you’ll meet to transport the life-saving materials.

“I love that feeling, when you come out of a path lab, and they snatch the box off you, and say ‘Thank God you’re here,’” says Ray Semmens. “I don’t sleep that much anyway… I want to do something useful. Jump on a bike and save a life.”

I won’t say any more, since Semmens and the blood bikers do a much better job of telling the story.