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BRD Motorcycles raises $4.5 million to ship electric racing bikes

Oct 04, 2014 Comments 8

The state of electric motorcycles: more than a bike, it's a Mission

Sep 17, 2014 Comments 6

Another Lemmy shop tip: Pouring coolant into an air-cooled motorcycle engine

Jan 09, 2019 Comments 39

Why do so many bikes use shim-under-bucket valve adjusters?

Oct 27, 2014 Comments 36

Riding the Kibo K150, a motorcycle built in and for Africa

Jun 05, 2018 Comments 44

Yo what?! The Johammer J1 electric motorcycle looks like nothing else

Apr 15, 2014 Comments 13

Hand tools: Unsung heroes of the shop

Jun 27, 2018 Comments 51

Six questions with Moto Shop DIY workshop co-founder Aleks Grippo

Nov 10, 2014 Comments 7