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Common Tread

PSA: Ride to Work Day is Monday, June 17

Jun 13, 2019

Heads up: Monday, June 17 is Ride to Work Day. This is your chance to challenge yourself if you don't already moto-commute… and maybe remind your coworkers that riders are people, too.

Maybe in your world, every day is Ride to Work Day. Livin’ the dream! But for most riders, most weeks are full of Work to Ride Days, and that’s OK, too. Riding to work might not be feasible or pleasurable. These are realities some just have to deal with. Even for those folks, RTWD still challenges riders to get out and commute to raise a little awareness. And if you’re lucky enough to have too short of a commute to ride, well, consider taking the scenic route in. A day with two motorcycle rides is more fun than a day with none.

RTWD is also a great excuse to dust off the bike if you haven’t already, and you have a week to get it ready. Be sure to reference our spring riding checklist if that’s you. It’s not technically summer yet, but hurry up!

Finally, that helmet on your desk might start a conversation or make a connection. Motorcycles attract plenty of questions and attention. My mom works at an elementary school, and when she rides her scooter in, she’s officially the coolest person in the building to those kids. Your workplace may vary… but letting people see that you ride will make you more visible to them than any fluoro vest.

However you enjoy Ride to Work Day, have fun and ride safe. Or better yet, just take the day off.