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Interview: Lemmy asks impertinent questions of motovlogger Yammie Noob

Oct 24, 2016

At RevZilla, we take a special pride in making motorcycle videos that are worth watching. We devote a fair amount of time to watching other video personalities to spawn ideas (and steal them), compare our digital product (and laugh at the really bad ones), and see if we’re getting beaten at all (we're not).

Also, “benchmarking against the competition” sounds like a plausible excuse for sitting around watching motorcycle videos. Of all the videos I watch, I’m normally not the biggest fan of the motovlog format, but there’s one cat I watch a lot, and that’s YammieNoob.

This guy makes some vlogs, and also some slideshows, that I find hilarious. Not too long ago, I spent a day feeling like a pretty fancy sir when Yammie included me in one of his videos. When people on the internet take time out of their day to make fun of you, you know you’re slogging your way to the top. So, one day, even though Yam-yam is famous, I just sent him a message on his website. And he replied shortly thereafter. Who says famous people are hard to meet? Or maybe we’re both just on the A-list of YouTube motorcycle celebrities. (Which, come to think of it, probably is a really small list without many viewers.) In either event, you should watch one of his videos. This one in particular gives me a bit of a chuckle:

Yammie Noob agreed to let Common Tread grill him. Yam-yam is fun and funny, I enjoyed shooting the breeze with him and he gave us a little peek into how the second-most-famous hilarious motorcycle slideshow vlogger does his thing. (Come on, the Regular Cars guy is funnier and we all know it.)

L: How'd you get started motovlogging?

YN: Started when I was a small little squidlet, around 17 years old. I dreamed seamless dreams of a Triumph Daytona 675R. Fast forward to four years later and I had been watching motovlogs for about a year before I tried my hand at it. I felt that the content being put out there wasn't creative enough and was kind of stale. My first videos were really weird. There was no talking, there's some pretty creative edits, off-the-wall sort of humor.

Glammie Noob
Glamour shots? I gotta get a better publicist. Photo by Yammie Noob.

L: "Hayabusa, muthafucka!" Just wanted to say that.

YN: It's a common greeting among my people. Hayabusa, muthafucka to you, too.

L: How long have you been riding?

YN: A little over a year and a half, and most importantly racked up just under 35,000 miles in the saddle.

Neck brace
I had no idea squids had bones. Photo by Yammie Noob.

L: I know you wrecked recently. You indicated in a video that you're not planning to ride on the street again. How's that going to affect your vlogging?

YN: Well, I had mentioned I was considering going "track-only" simply because of the type of riding I like doing (knee dragging, speeding, etc.) and in order to keep doing that and not kill myself or break my neck again, it seemed conducive to keep it at the track. After my first track day, riding on the street just felt silly. However, I will be riding on the street again, just more sensibly and with a more street-oriented bike. So the vlogs will continue. Besides, my most popular videos are slideshows with a backing track of my sweet, sweet voice. I could do "The Nine Types of Kitchen Appliances You Will Meet" and somebody would watch it.

L: After your crash, you also expressed surprise that people would not wear a helmet. What's your position on mandatory helmet laws? Was that position different before your wreck?

YN: A part of me doesn't appreciate regulation when it comes to safety, but another part of me thinks about how that regulation would save lives. However, I am a staunch proponent of Darwinism and maybe our gene pool might grow stronger without mandatory helmet laws.

L: What motovloggers do you like to watch? Who do you not like to watch?

YN: Some of my favorites are Jake The Garden Snake (because he's local and we've like totally hung out in front of a dealership before), Riding With Tom, and BeRad. I definitely don't watch 6Foot4Honda or SnowCat.

L: What other stuff do you look at on YT?

YN: Most people don't know this, but my first love is music. I love making weird sounds with my synthesizers and playing around with pedals, so I watch tons of gear reviews, modular synth builds, pedal reviews, etc. I also love H3H3, Casey Neistat, Mighty Car Mods, Vox, NerdWriter, and of course Filthy Frank.

L: What's your equipment setup like? What kind of editing software are you using?

YN: Nothing fancy. I run a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, a Tascam DR-05, and a Sony ECM-CS3 lavalier microphone.

L: What kind of advice do you have for someone who wants to start motovlogging?

YN: Be different. If you make the same thing everyone else is making, no one will watch you. Be controversial, and don't be afraid to put out strong opinions. You have to try and break through the noise. Be relate-able, shareable, and try to be funny.

L: 600 cc supersports are not OK for beginners. Just wanted to say that, too. Power be damned, the razor-sharp handling and brakes are wholly inappropriate for rookies.

YN: Agreed. But if someone is gung-ho on starting on a 600, I say let them. They'll either figure it out soon enough, or they'll eventually be an okay rider.

L: Yammienoob vs. CycleCruza, racing on the streetz, run what you brung. Who wins?

YN: Well, right now I would bring my neckbrace and some sweet Nikes, so he might have an advantage. I think I'd get him off the line. I ran cross country in high school, but that CBR DOUBLE ARR looks pretty strong.

L: When are you getting a Harley? Subquestion, can you please offer a square wristband for use on H-D motorcycles? Or maybe a "Street Lawwill" sticker? (Readers: You might want to check out Yammie’s merch page to see what the hell I’m talking about.)

YN: The Harley will come once I get another concussion that's hard enough to knock a new personality into my head. I have fever dreams of Lemmy riding a Dyna Glide with the wind rushing through his luscious and full beard. "I am infinite and vast" he whispers. Tell me your secrets, Lemmy. How can I "live the lifestyle" of the Harley dream? "Disregard all innovation. Worry not about performance, my son. Overpay at the dealership for your bike." Blessed be him, Amen Lemmy.

L: Disturbingly poetic. What is the little piano riff that opens up each of your videos? It's stuck in all of our heads permanently.

YN: Great question. It's by Johann Sebastian Bach, and it’s called “Piano Partita No. 2 In C Minor.”

L: /r/motorcycles or /r/calamariraceteam?

YN: /r/motorcycles for the ATGATT brigade and the critical neckbeards. /r/calamariraceteam for the unrelenting squidding and good times.

Riding shotgun
I'm hoping I can have this view at some point as Noob's co-vlogger. Photo by Yammie Noob.

That concluded my very informal interview. I'm really hoping Yammie comes up here so we can make a video together where we collaborate on mocking riders, Harleys, other motorcycles, gear, Spurg, and vlogs. The only way to improve the motorcycling community is through constant teasing.