Common Tread

The Motor Company goes electric?

Jun 18, 2014

So let me get this straight: The same Harley-Davidson Motor Company that sold MV Agusta at a loss and shut down Buell to focus on its core audience is now about to produce an electric motorcycle?

I can only assume that we will soon have a line of "Raging Hummingbird" accessories to go with the "Screaming Eagle" parts. OK, I'm done with the sarcasm now.

Actually, I love the idea of electric motorcycles. No, they're not going to replace internal combustion engines soon. You don't need to remind me how much they cost or how limited their range is currently.

The key to understanding electric motorcycles is not to think of them as replacements for the motorcycles we have today, but as complements.

Getting my mind around the idea of a Harley-Davidson electric may take a little longer. I admit, I wouldn't have predicted it would actually happen. But there's that teaser video above, and the internet has been humming (in a muted, electric kind of way) for days about the motorcycle seen on the set of the Avengers movie. It says Harley-Davidson on the tank and has no exhaust pipes.

In any case, Harley says we'll find out tomorrow.