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Fuell announces details, 2024 delivery target for Fllow electric motorcycle

Dec 05, 2022

Fuell’s first electric motorcycle, the Fllow electric commuter, is inching towards production. Preorders are open at $200 each, which secures a $2,000 discount on the $11,995 motorcycle. There’s also an option to prequalify for financing through Affirm starting at $418 per month.

Fuell Fllow
The preorder also includes “an exclusive FUELL x VELDT luxury carbon helmet” on top of the $2,000 discount. Fuell anticipates some 3,000 preorders. Fuell photo.

When the Fllow concept was first shown in April of 2019, Fuell expected to start shipping bikes by the end of the following year.

2020 turned out to be a difficult year for a startup electric brand to launch an electric motorcycle, so Fuell focused on selling its Flluid electric bicycles instead. Fuell says pandemic-related supply chain issues were a major roadblock, and some investors put commitments on hold out of caution. Now that supply chain problems have diminished, and investors are back on board, Fuell sees a silver lining in the EV tech advancements that appeared during the last few years, which can now be added to the production Fllow. 

Fuell Fllow
The “tank” is the lid for a 38-liter cargo area that competes with the underseat storage found on most scooters. This space is meant to hold one full-face helmet and a small bag. With additional storage under the seat, the Fllow offers 50 liters of built-in storage. Fuell photo.

The company recently confirmed that its electric motorcycle project is still underway. Fuell CEO and co-founder Francois-Xavier Terny told Common Tread that the Fllow is presently “under development… We're looking at first deliveries early 2024.” Additional materials from the company said “We finalized the key engineering concepts, started engaging with suppliers to develop specific solutions, and built a functional 1:1 real-size Fllow concept — the one you see in photos and videos that we had fun riding and showing to investors, suppliers, and more.”

Fuell provided additional details about the bike, so let’s take a look at some facts and figures.

Fuell Fllow specs... so far

Twelve grand gets you a 10kWh battery and a hub-drive motor with a claimed output of 47 horsepower, or 15 horsepower when restricted. (The restricted version is presumably for international markets with tiered licensing.) With a target production weight of under 400 pounds, the Fllow sounds reasonably zippy on paper with a claimed 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds.

Fuell lists a top speed of 85 mph, noting that the Fllow is “highway-capable” but mainly intended for riding in urban environments where it delivers its best range. Charge time is claimed to be less than half an hour using standardized high-voltage automotive chargers, or just 15 minutes to get from 20 percent to 90 percent — “Just enough to get a coffee, check e-mails, and be back on the road,” as Fuell's press kit puts it. 

Fuell Fllow
For scale, wheelbase is listed as 53.9 inches. This bike will be a little larger than I was expecting if that figure stays the same for the production version. Seat height is 30.1 inches. Fuell photo.

The target range is 150 miles in “real city traffic condition[s]”. The li-ion battery is integrated into the motorcycle’s magnesium frame, and Fuell says the batteries can be updated with future battery developments. The onboard charger takes ten hours, the optional 3.3kWh home charger can reach full in 2.5 hours, and the more powerful 6.6kWh charger reaches full in 1.5 hours.

Fuell Fllow dash
In addition to the usual functions, the Flluid's dash (wait, is that an iPad?) can open the storage, saddle, and charging port cover. Fuell photo.

Other safety features will include collision warning, cameras, blind spot detection, smartphone connectivity, navigation, and an alarm. 

Fuell’s place in an electric future

Fuell CTO Erik Buell designed the Flluid electric bicycle and Fllow electric motorcycle to fit his vision for near-future e-mobility. “When I look to the future, there is one compelling solution for urban/suburban transportation… two wheels in a single track with green power. Whether it’s a human-pedaled bicycle, a pedal-assisted electric bicycle, or an electric motor, two wheels are the clear solutions for urban mobility.”

He acknowledges the value of public transportation while also pointing out its shortcomings for last-mile transportation. “Urban transportation should be a comfortable personal tool empowering us to better live our multitasking lives,” he says. A small electric motorcycle like the Fllow could offer adequate transportation for urbanites, and manufacturers from across the industry are exploring lightweight EVs for this use case.

Fuell lineup
Fuell is putting all its chips on electric two-wheelers. Fuell photo.

“With e-vehicles, the limitation is energy, the strength is social responsibility,” Fuell says. “Real e-vehicle plans must be built around these facts. Too much manipulation of the social image of e-motorcycles has occurred — one should actually deliver viable products.”

Fllow motorcycles “will be assembled for production in the US” and delivered to preorder customers first. Visit Fuell's site for more information and links to the preorder page.