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Common Tread

A motorcycle film festival of good deeds

Jan 13, 2016

A few times in the past, we highlighted videos that showed the "motorcyclists behaving badly" side of riding, and called out those riders for the damage they do to all of us. Now, in the interests of equal time, I decided to highlight some positive stuff.

Scour the far reaches of YouTube and you can find examples of everyday riders doing a good deed. (I knew I wasn't the only rider who had stopped to push a disabled car out of an intersection while all the car drivers just went past, blowing their horns.) Here are about 10 total minutes of video that will make you feel better about your fellow riders.

One thing we know about riding, as opposed to driving a car, is that it puts you in the scene, not just observing it, so you're more likely to empathize with those in need and help out. Also, being on a motorcycle makes it easier for you to come quickly to the assistance of someone who needs a helping hand.

You might even find being a motorcyclist gives you superpowers that enable you to lift a car out of a ditch.

Or maybe just give a push to someone who ran out of gas. Haven't we all been there at some point?

Last fall we told you about the motorcyclist who saved a kitten that fell out of a car in a busy intersection. Well, a similar thing happened to a pooch in Brazil who was enjoying a windows-down car ride a little too much and ended up in the middle of a busy highway. It took an entire village of motorcyclists to corral the frightened dog, but the ending was just as happy.

And while we definitely don't recommend you try this yourself (really, to save a coffee cup?), this video proves that stunt riding isn't always about provoking the cops or terrorizing unsuspecting motorists.

Last question: Why are so many of these do-gooders riding dual-sports and supermotos? Makes me want to get one of those (again).