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Saturday is International Female Ride Day

May 05, 2016

Women of the world, whatever you ride, wherever you ride, however you ride, Saturday is your day to ride.

The first Saturday in May is International Female Ride Day, created by Vicki Gray, founder of the Motoress web site. This is the 10th year of the event.

International Female Ride Day logo 2016
International Female Ride Day logo. Image by Motoress.
From South Africa to Canada, from Australia to St. Lucia, women have planned rides for Saturday ranging from huge organized outings to a few friends getting together for a little fun.

Motoress says the purpose of the day is to highlight the number of women who ride and encourage other women, who may be interested in motorcycling but feel excluded.

Many local groups or motorcycle dealers are sponsoring rides or events for IFRD, so check to see what's happening in your area. And be sure to have a camera ready so you can enter the IFRD photo contest.