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Cold Weather Touring Gear Guide

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We classify the difference between sport touring and adventure touring in on main way. Typically sport touring spends more time on the pavement vs treacherous offroad terrain or even 50/50 on heavy dualsport rides. That said, a premium sport touring product still needs to do 90% of what a premium ADV touring outfit does, it can just get away without the technology needed to cover the Dakar Rally via motorcycle. Sport touring outfits will be well suited for all types of precipitation, be waterproof and breathable, have great next level armor and use space-age technologies, where appropriate - not everywhere they can. The upside to the rider is that without some of the higher tech features and materials the garment can be slightly less of an investment but cover them just as well in 90% of on-road scenarios and some offroad scenarios. All of the gear in our 2010 Cold / winter weather sport touring guide is designed for extreme conditions and cold, but in most cases is not as Dakar proof as its ADV brethren.

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