Mike C

  • Nickname: “Clarke”, “Eagle 2”
  • Riding Since: 1998
  • Bikes: ’62 Harley Davidson Panhead, ‘69 Triumph 650, ‘67 Harley Davidson Shovelhead, ‘05 Yamaha YZ250F, ’78 Briggs & Stratton
  • Most Asked Question: “Are you ever going to get a newer bike that doesn’t fall apart?”
  • Favorite Quote: “As soon as you think you make something idiot proof, they go and build a better idiot.”

Riding Style:
I actually enjoy riding and am not trying to get there as fast as possible just to get it over with. My favorite times are when you can look around and actually feel like a part of where you are and forget about what you are trying to escape from. Stress and riding do not mix well in my mind.

About Me:
Back when disco was still on the top of the charts and my school bus driver could still chain smoke, my sketchy uncle fell on some hard times and moved into our dilapidated two car detached garage for the summer. He lived out there for free but was charged with the task of keeping an eye on me during the day while mom was at work. He was your typical no-good looking biker, that came with all of the accoutrements and acquaintances of the time. I pretty much lived that summer with very few rules except one: I always had to knock, and actually wait for an answer before I dared to enter his lair. There was so much mystery involved in that garage that what went on out there was more interesting than television to me. It seemed like the ultimate fort to a curious and adventurous eight-year-old.

He had a couple of boxes of parts that he tried to convince me was a Harley. I have no idea what was actually in those boxes but I knew that I wasn’t convinced. One day he came tearing up on what I soon found out was a Vincent, whatever that was. It looked like it was in pretty bad shape to me but this was my official introduction to the world of motorcycles. The only reason I knew it was a Vincent is because that name was talked about for months like it was Jesus and my uncle was a disciple. His shady-looking friends would stop by to tell him how cool it was and they would fire that thing up several times a day. My uncle didn’t seem to mind when I stood around to watch from afar, but he wouldn’t even let me help clean the thing. It was cool, it was sacred, it was romantic and the whole thing was a little bit scary. That did it, I was hooked.

Since becoming a full-fledged motoholic, I have been a part of creating things like Freak out the Squares, Show Class magazine, the Ride to Skate event, and the People’s Champ contest for Born Free. My family and good friends are the most important things in the world to me, and when I get to mix that up with bikes and traveling it usually always makes for a great time. Some of the best memories I have are from spending a couple of weeks riding cross-country and camping along the way with four of my closest friends. I will remember those times when I am old and grey, sitting in a rocking chair and waiting for a beer and a fresh diaper. If you have the opportunity to see this country of ours on two wheels, make it happen while you still can.

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla?:
The people, the world they have created here, and the fact that they wanted me to be a part of it. Life is about building relationships with people and having experiences worth telling stories about.