Christopher L.

  • Riding Since: 2014
  • Current Bike: 2014 Ducati Monster 796
  • Past Bikes: 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, KTM RC390
  • Riding Style: Sport, Weekend Riding, Commuting, Getting Lost 

My introduction to the motorcycle world started as far back as I can remember with bikes filling the garage, parts and pictures filling the basement, and something on TV always centered around bikes ever since I was a kid.

"I became rather proficient in the art of "bike sneaking.”... so that nobody had to know (i.e. my Mom)"

My first bike was a small Ninja 250R. In order to conceal my ownership of said motorcycle from those who thought it to be a bad idea, I became rather proficient in the art of "bike sneaking.” Basically, I had a friend with a truck, another with an open garage, and BAM...I had a bike and a great way of hiding it so that nobody had to know (i.e. my Mom). Eventually, I got the hots for the newer and marginally faster KTM RC390. When it came out, I sold the Ninja to a friend learning to ride and snagged the RC after putting a deposit down 6 months earlier. Within a matter of months, however, I once again wanted to upgrade and went to a bike I’ve always wanted since I was 13, which is now my only bike, the Ducati Monster.

Regardless of the bike I am riding, it is always refreshing to just get out and go. Whether I am going five miles away to my favorite coffee shop or snaking along the Delaware River for hours on end, I am always finding new places to pull over for pictures, and of course, meeting a ton of great people along the way. This is especially rewarding when I meet riders I have interacted with through RevZilla. It is awesome to hear how much someone loves a product you recommended, or how happy they are with something you helped them add to their bike. That has easily been my favorite part of joining this team.