Chris S.

  • Nickname: Bud, Scalawag
  • Riding Since: 2014
  • Bike: 2010 Triumph Scrambler
  • Riding Style: Stubborn Commuter, Moto-Mountaineer, Sandwich Enduros
  • Most Common / Favorite Gear Question: “Your site says this won’t fit - but can I try anyway?”
  • Favorite Quote: “I remember mistaking an old woman for a trout stream in Vermont, and I had to beg her pardon.” - Richard Brautigan

Listen, I might not have been riding quite as long as some of my fellow Geeks here, but I damn well know how to have an adventure!

I came to RevZilla as a newly obsessed rider planting his roots in Philadelphia after a wild stint of deep backcountry backpacking and other woodsy hijinks. I grew up riding bicycles all day, every day - jumping curbs with crappy ramps, racing down local hills, and traveling in packs of my friends in search of cheap food. After getting bitten by the travel bug in my college years, it only made sense to slap a motor onto my favorite mode of transportation.

Turns out, so much of what I loved about riding bikes, camping, and traveling is by default, built right into the spirit of riding. It didn’t take much convincing to get me on a motorcycle instead of a car for my daily commutes, and before long, I had a small posse of best buds cruising right there along with me. Just like when I was a kid, riding around with my friends, roasting hot dogs, and sleeping in the woods is still all I ever want to do with my free time.

I’ve found my niche here as the go-to camping guy, an expert in technical fabrics and things that will get muddy. I’ll always encourage riders to travel light, ride hard - and take pictures! I have a strong background in design and photography, so I’m usually the geek finding unique ways of describing a helmet graphic over the phone or editing a co-worker’s face into a meme. I get deeply inspired by maps, and I’m always down for a good lunch.

My Triumph Scrambler is my swiss-army knife bike. Someone once told me to buy the bike that makes you smile knowing it’s in your garage, and that’s what I got. I love talking to anyone riding a Modern Classic or dual sport bike. If you need knobby tires, knobby boots, a bag to live out of on the road, and a solid deli recommendation along the way - I’m your dude!

Favorite part about working at RevZilla:
This summer I talked to a customer from Wyoming who gave me a local’s perspective on some of the best roads out that way. Two months later, I was out there smiling ear to ear about how right he was. Conversations like that remind me what a unique community of like-minded people we are part of.

Around the office, we work as hard as we laugh - and they feed us well!