Capit has been producing tire warmers for racing professionals in their Italian headquarters since 1996. Overseeing every aspect of the manufacturing process, Capit quickly rose to the top of the market and has continued to be a staple among professional and amateur racers. Using on the highest quality materials and latest technology, Capit is always at the forefront of racing technology, consistently releasing cutting edge products that give you the competitive advantage.

Capit Tire Warmers

Capit Suprema Spina Tire Warmers
7 colors available
Capit Helmet Dryer
$199.99 - $279.99
2 colors available
Capit Motorcycle Cover
6 colors available
Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers
$849.00 - $1,129.00
7 colors available
CapIt Maxima Spina Tire Warmers
2 colors available
Capit VentoStop Wheel Covers
$92.80 - $275.80 $116.00 - $299.00 Sale 20% Off!