Edward W.

  • Nickname: “Buzzsaw”
  • Riding since: 1994
  • Bikes: '10 Triumph Tiger 1050, '77 Triumph Bonneville, 1969 Vespa Sprint, ’02Triumph Sprint RS, '85 Suzuki GS550 E, '82 Suzuki GS650, Triumph Chopper, 72 Norton
  • Riding style:  Commuter, long-distance tourer
  • Most-asked question: Doesn't Anthony own any other T-shirts?

Ed has owned and enjoyed a variety of bikes, and aside from doing some track days, most enjoys long-distance riding, riding to the races (loves any kind of road racing — bikes, Indycars, F1) and camping trips on his bike. His nickname for many years was Euro Trash Ed, started at the storied Dirty Frank’s, a long-standing hole-in-the-wall bar in Philadelphia, from his love of Brit bikes and a classic '72 Porsche 914 he used as a daily driver. Now, many who watch RevZilla TV know him as “Buzzsaw,” as nicknamed by Anthony. Like many things in life, you don’t get to pick your nicknames, but he certainly has fun living up to them, as if having “Wildman” as a surname wasn’t enough to live up to.

While he likes many brands, he’s all about having the right gear for right purpose. He brings a unique view that includes a degree in Industrial Design and 20 years of five-star customer service learned from his time at the The Four Seasons and the Rittenhouse Hotels as the Restaurants General Manager.

"Working with such passionate people from many different backgrounds and professions, who truly enjoy coming to work every day and working with different riders from around the country, makes work an adventure.”

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla: "I've been a gear geek all my life and now I get to work with and talk to people who love gear as much as I do."